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Treating pms naturally is essential as it affects a majority of women around the world. Weeks before menstruation starts, women start having acne, bloating, mood changes, cramps. Natural remedy for pms is available. You need to take a balanced diet, avoid too much salt and sugar. Try to take hot baths.

Premenstrual Syndrome is commonly experienced in women before the menstruation starts each month.

Symptoms of pms

The women might experience certain symptoms in her body, mood and behaviour. These symptoms make it clear to her that her periods are going to start very soon. This occurs basically due to variations in the hormones of women before menstruation.

The symptoms become visible at least two weeks before the due date, almost every second woman complaints of the same. It affects a large majority of women. The basic symptoms include cramps, acne, abdominal bloating, swelling as well as mood changes. These may vary from one woman to another.

There are a number of ways of treating pms naturally. There are various natural ways through which pms can be controlled to a larger extent. If women apply any these then surely they will see a marked change.

Treating pms naturally

Women need to take around 1000mg magnesium daily in their diet and 1500 mg calcium daily. The deficiency of these is said to be a major factor responsible for pms. Women also need to take Vitamin B6 in adequate amounts which are known to increase the circulation of blood.

Dandelion root is also said to be useful as it helps to reduce water retention, along with that it is known to help liver in discarding estrogen from the body. Taking a hot body is one of the most common remedies for pms. It is said to reduce cramps and thereby relieves pms. Drinking tea is also effective, you need to add lemon juice along with one teaspoon whiskey in the tea and drink it while it still hot.

Apart from this, you can also take the extract of chase tree herb, add 10 drops of it in water and drink it, this too will relieve the pain in women who are suffering from pms.

What you eat too matters in causing you pain. Women need to be careful about their diet as well. You need to limit the intake of animal fat in the form of various meat products since they are known to cause water retention in the body. You need to restrict the intake of caffeine and tea and various other beverages also. Try to limit the intake of sugar and salt as they might lead to the excretion of various essential nutrients from the body. If you include safflower oil in your diet this too is said to balance the hormones in your body. Apart from the diet try to perform exercises also daily.

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