Natural Seizure Remedies

Natural Treatment of Seizure

In the medical term, seizure is the result of excessive brain activity that mainly ends up to bursting physical reaction. This neurologic condition can be treated just like other serious diseases. This article has important information about natural seizure remedies.

Seizure or shortly known as epilepsy is a neurological disorder mainly caused by electrical impulses immediately discharged in the brain cells. According to some neurologists, seizures occur when the neurons become over stimulated with electrical discharges. In addition to that, this brain disorder has different types that vary depending on the location of the brain wherein the severe neuron function occurs. A person who is experiencing seizures may have drowsiness, fever, infection, head injury and intoxication. To prevent this brain disease, below are the following natural remedies for seizures.

Learn More About the Natural Seizure Remedies

Reishi mushroom is the most popular natural treatment in seizures because it has been tested by professionals. According to their research, this herb can decrease lipids and cholesterol in the blood. It is also known as a stress-decreasing herb and functional herb perfect for the nervous system. This is very appropriate for the sensitive patient.

Next is the valerian root which is another natural remedy for epilepsy. This is said to be very effective herb especially for brain disorder because it has anticonvulsant agent. The root of this herb can be taken to reduce the number of seizures. In addition to that, this is also recognized as a natural treatment with sedation properties. And the good thing about this herb is that this is non-toxic which is better for the long-time treatment of seizure. You can also find this in capsules which can be taken twice a day with 100 mg.

In China, motherwort is the best herbal treatment for seizure conditions. According to their specialists, this natural treatment contains leonurine and stachydine which have sedating effect on the nervous system and can lessen the blood pressure. To take this treatment, get a single teaspoon of dried leaves of this herb and put it in hot water with 250 ml. This can be taken once a day and can be sweetened with lemon or other sweet fruits if necessary.

Another is the passionflower which minimizes experiencing restlessness, recuperative sleep and can prevent convulsion. This is also considered as one of the effective herbal treatments for seizures because it can just be found in your place. This can be taken as tea and can be consumed thrice a day. You can also consume this herb as a liquid at a dose of 45 drops per day.

Chamomile is also known as herbal treatment with sedatives and can safely be taken up to three times a day. This treatment has an apigenin which aids to relax your nervous system as well as your body. Like passion flower, this can also be consumed as tea or be taken at a dose of two 700 mg capsule thrice a day.

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