Natural Treatment for Allergies

Home Treatment for Allergies

Allergy is a reaction of the body to a substance that is not compatible to, resulting to irritation. It can be continuous sneezing, itchiness of the eyes, skin inflammation or rashes. Severe cases can lead to serious condition if not dealt immediately as it affects the immune system of the body to something that had been eaten, smelled or had skin contact with such as insect bites, dirt, the air we breathe that has chemical substance in it, pets, the medicines and food that we intake.

We cannot easily determine the cause of allergy, but we can naturally treat them at home. There are several herbs and natural treatment that can be created or be found that can give relief to allergies

At the beginning of the allergy you can chew a raw ginger to lessen the risk of worsening the allergy, it may not taste good but it will help.

It is also recommended that if you are prone to allergic reaction easily it is good that you grow aloe vera plants in your garden, this helps relieves inflammation in the throat, mouth and nasal passage. The juice that is extracted from the plant can be consumed in the morning and before bedtime.

A combination of two herbal medicines will give an instant relief to your allergy but you need to make it a habit to avoid the things that made you allergic and prevent the food that can trigger such condition.

For nasal or sinus allergies you can combine Nettle extract to your tea, it helps you lessen the inflammation as well as chamomile tea that can provide remedy for fever allergies or gingko biloba tea

One element that can also stop and prevent allergies is by in taking apple cider vinegar, as soon as you start the consumption you would see that the signs of allergy begin to reduce in about an hour or two.

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