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Are you afraid on the bad effects of cataract to your normal vision and the reason why you are looking for the natural treatment? This kind of eye disorder should be treated at once to avoid further implications in the future, for this reason we have all set for you the remedies for cataracts.

Understanding Cataract and Its Causes

If you don’t want to belong on the 12 million Americans that suffer from cataract, it is crucial for you to understand the ailment and its causes so you can be free from the threat of loss of vision or blindness. It is an alarming truth that cataract is considered as one of the primary causes of the condition that leads to permanent blindness and this is not only a problem in the United States but also to other countries around the globe.

Cataract is characterized by a clouding that covers the crystalline lens located in the envelope portion of the eye, thus blocking the natural passageway of light. If not treated at once, this will result to vision loss of which we don’t want to happen at some point. Typically, cataract is categorized into several types such as capsular, cortical, viridis, reticular, and post-surgical. The older citizens are the most commonly affected by this eye disorder, that’s why the age of the person is one of the factors that can trigger the occurrence of cataract. Normally, only one eye is being affected at first then eventually it will also influence on the second eye.

It is very much important to learn the causes of cataract which is helpful for its prevention and treatment. Here are some of the main causes of the disorder:

  • Excessive Exposure to Sunlight

The harmful UV rays of the sun are noted as one of the main causes of cataract according to the findings of medical experts. It is said that those people with active lifestyle who spend more of their time performing outdoor activities has three times greater chances to have the disorder if not wearing protection for their eyes. For this reason, it is sensible to wear sunglasses with one hundred percent protection to UV rays as well as using wide brim hats during sunny days.

  • Cigarette Smoking

Studies also show that a person smoking cigarettes of about 20 sticks everyday has higher risks to get the disorder if not stopped at the soonest time. The main reason behind this is the effect of the harmful chemicals produced by the cigarette that can disrupt on the distribution of nutrients towards the eye.

  • Alcoholism

Just like smoking, excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages which is more than the moderate level has a big influence for the occurrence of cataract.

  • Diabetes

Diabetic patients are also prone to the eye ailment if the blood sugar is not maintained on its normal level in a regular basis.

The Recommended Natural Treatment for Cataracts

According to, surgical procedures like cataract extractions are commonly used to treat cataract. However, if the person has no chance to handle the cost of the surgery, there are still natural treatments for the disorder. The use of antioxidants agents is the best alternative treatment to cataract such as Vitamin C, Lutein, Beta-Carotene, Zinc, Zeaxanthin, and Vitamin E. Aside from the natural antioxidants, the patient with cataract is required to eat fresh vegetables and certain fruits that are rich with Vitamin E like nuts and seeds. Additionally, avoiding the causes that are mentioned earlier will help for the prevention of the disorder.

Furthermore, has dietary recommendations and more healthy tips for you to follow, just visit the website for the detailed information.

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