Natural Treatment for Diaper Rash

Natural Cure for Diaper Rash

Using natural treatment for diaper rash instead of using over-the-counter ointments and balms usually lead to better results and quicker healing. Most of the times, these ointments or creams do not work on your infant’s caring skin. It would be agonizing for parents seeing their baby suffering from diaper rash. Natural treatment for diaper rash are considered to be safe and effective.

Treating Diaper Rash Naturally

If you are using cloth diapers, then it can be the route on choosing the natural way for your baby. Natural treatment for diaper rash will able to help you avoid the side effects of an ointment or cream into your baby’s skin like burn or allergies.

Let the Air Flow

  • When you are putting the diaper make sure to allow your child to lie down on a blanket or towel to clear up the rash. Pin the cotton diaper loosely to allow the air to circulate so that the skin of the baby will be refreshed too.

Use Water and Cloth Wipes

  • Over-the-counter baby wipes usually contain perfumes, alcohol and chemicals that may irritate and dry out the skin of the baby, which makes him possible candidate for diaper rash eventually. It would be nice to use cloth wipes and water, if you choose soap, try the mild and natural ones. This can offer them the refreshing feeling than using baby wipes.

Use Natural Detergents Only

  • The residues of commercial detergents can be harsh and may cause for the baby’s skin to dry. So when you are laundering the baby’s cloth diapers, try to use natural detergents that contain natural ingredients that cannot harm the skin of the baby. Make sure to rinse them thoroughly to make sure that there’s no detergent residue.

Change the Baby’s Diaper Regularly

  • It is very important to keep in mind that every time that the baby gets soiled is to change the baby’s diaper. This is because the urine and fecal matter can burn the skin of the baby and can lead to painful rash. This is very common especially when the time comes that they are already consuming solid foods. Breastfeeding babies tend to have less episodes of rash. In the event that the baby is bottle feeding and their rash is constant, it would be nice to talk to the pediatrician if you need to change their formula. In addition, perhaps you need to change the diaper especially if the rash does not stop.

According to essential oils are also great products to treat diaper rash naturally. Tea tree oil is one of the best options. Primarily this oil can be effective against yeast infection, healing wounds especially diaper rash.

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