Natural Treatment for Heavy Periods

Ways to Treatment Heavy Periods

Menstruation is commonly experienced by women. In some instances, several incidents occur. Some encounter heavy periods and others do not. In this article, you will come to realize the causes of heavy period and its natural treatments.

Women always find uncomfortable while having their dread period. This article simply discusses all its major causes, symptoms and natural treatments. To gather more information, read the succeeding paragraphs.

Concept of Heavy Periods

Heavy periods are also known as menorrhagia. It primarily refers as an excessive and prolonged bleeding. If not properly treated, heavy periods may result to various complications. Menstruation cycle of every woman is said to be different. Normal menstruation happens every 28 days. It ranges from 21-35 days and lasts until 4 days. There are 2-3 tablespoon total losses of the blood. Once you are experiencing heavy period, you are losing more blood which usually ranges from 80 milliters and above. Some women are having a prolonged heavy period that lasts until one week or more.

Causes of Heavy Period

Basically, there are no exact causes of heavy periods. Moreover, some medical conditions may generate heavy periods and these are the following: First is lack of ovulation. Heavy period takes place when ovaries failed to generate and release eggs. Second, changes in estrogen use or birth control. Third is through using IUD or intrauterine device for birth control. Fourth is through recent weight gain or weight loss. Other causes include changes in routine exercise or diet and uterine fibroids.

Symptom and Signs of Heavy Periods

Heavy periods can be easily determined. The following are some of its symptoms and signs: First is through continuously change of sanity pads or towel. Second is by having a double sanitary pad in order to control menstruation flow. Third is when you experience prolonged menstruation periods. Fourth is when you experience continuous and severe cramping in your abdomen. Breathe shortness and fatigue is also one of its indicators.

Natural Treatment for Heavy Periods

Heavy periods can be cured through natural remedies. If you are having heavy periods, self-care strategies must apply. Be comfortable and get an ample time to rest. You also need to drink additional fluids and always eat foods that generally rich in iron. Constant monitoring of menstruation cycle is also a must. Track your heavy periods and examine the used number of sanitary tampons or towels. Regular consultation to your doctors is highly recommended. You can also take some supplements and other medications like ibuprofen to lessen its flow and alleviate menstrual pain. If not well treated, heavy period may also result to some severe illnesses. Some people undergo surgical procedures and thus spend too much money. Homeopathic and herbal remedies such as holistic and natural treatments offer great results in promoting normal monthly periods. These remedies support an overall health of the women. Herbs include capsella bursa-pastoris and artemisia vulgaris. These herbs promote hormonala and menstrual health.

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