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If most of the woman often experience varicose veins as they grow old, men are also suffering an ailment that they encounter during their puberty period, this is known as varicocele.

Understanding the Symptoms of Varicocele

The symptoms of varicocele can be identified through different ways but one of the most common is the aching pain at the scrotum. From a minor pain it will continue to worsen if you will not immediately act to cure it. Once you feel that your testicles are starting to get heavy, this is also a sign that you might be a victim of varicocele. Other sign that will determine if you have a varicocele is if your atrophy is starting to shirk and if your vein is starting to enlarged. If you are starting to feel these symptoms, consulting a doctor should be the best move that you must acquire. Do not wait for the varicocele to become worst instead quickly look for ways to cure it.

Looking for Natural Treatment

There are different types of treatment that you can acquire but if you are looking for a treatment that won’t involve any surgery there are natural ways that you can acquire. Using the internet you can look for the right natural ingredient that you can use to cure varicocele. Some of the natural ingredients that you can avail are mukkuti, psyllium, alstonia, autumn joy, and piper cubeba. Although these are not very common in the market you can still find it if you will offer time to search for it. Some of these are available in different countries, so it would be better to research about it first to know where you can find it. In case your varicocele is already worst it would be better to consult a doctor and seek for the right medicine to acquire.

Who will be affected by Varicocele?

Most of the guys that experience varicocele are those who are at the age of 15 to 25 years old especially those that are in adolescent stage. Though it is not common to all men there are perhaps 15 percent of them that encounter it since during the puberty stage guys testicles grow quickly wherein there should be more blood delivered on it. The problem occurs if the vein is not functioning well and the blood is not being delivered properly but since the blood continues to flow some of it backs up and varicocele is experienced. You may not know it but it is possible that you are already one of its victims.

Does Varicocele Affect the Life of Men?

Although varicocele is not really a serious problem that men must seriously think of, there’s still a possibility that it will affect its production of sperm cell and will damage its testicle and this can be alarming. To avoid this to happen, you should seek the guidance of a doctor.

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Name: syed tauseef ahmed

dear sir, i am 25 years old and been diagonised with grade 1 varicocele in my left testis,kindly help me to cure this problem without surgery

Name: MPFF

Studies have shown that micronised purified flavonoid fractions (MPFF) are good at treating varicocele pain. Here's a link to one of the studies:

Name: Benson Ewoton

Hello,kindly advise me accordingly as i feel pains in my right testicle which also causes pain in my lower back.the doctor diagnosed mild varicocele n i need to address it without surgery.

Name: ali

hello. i havnt seen a doc, but i think i have the same symptoms. my right testicals feels heavy and painful. what is the herbal treament?

Name: arshad

hello i have varicocele testicular i have so much pain please what is treatment for this

Name: harjeet

pl. suggest a treatment other than surgery for the cure of Vericocele

Name: patel nirav R

Hello sir, I have suffering grade one vericoceles with right side testis and right leg pain also right testis pain. please give me solution without surgery.

Name: younis

sir! I am 25 years old my right testis is atrophic and now remaining left is vericocele! Dr. Suggest me not 2 operate it because the surgery may cause problem. Sir! Plz help me and suggest me some thing better. Medicine or any thing else...

Name: leo

i am suffering in Varicocele how can i recover this problem.

Name: Ajesh

I am suffering from varicocele ,and am having more pain in my legs too

Name: asim

sir i have a varicocele in my left testes but having no pain. can it be cured without surgery as early as possible.

Name: shafiqul Islam

Dear sir, Good morning ! happy new year - 2014. I'm Shafiqul Islam 32 years old and I've two kids ( Son & daughter ) I feel varicocele on my left testes from my student life but do not feel any pain or any problem. but from last 6 month I feel ( Middle size of pain at left side testes ) pain some time and some time feel no pain. Please advise your valuable comments, what shall i need to do now. Best Regards Shafiq

Name: Wallace

sir, i am surrfing from varcocele of testicles. i have much pain and infertilty, please is natural guide good i cannot afford much money please help sir

Name: chamam

sir i am suffering from varicocele...n when i feel pain in my testis then no medicine work on it...then i do masturbate...after the masturbate than i get the relief from ds that right way ...pls hlp me...or tell me other way to get relief from ds pain...!!

Name: fahad

Sir i have varicocele in both side ,i have been married for 1.5 year and my wife did not get pregnant ,sir please tell any treatment for this

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