Natural Treatment for Vomiting

Treating Vomiting Naturally

Once the stomach muscles tighten it would cause a vigorous throwing out of the stomach filling and is usually called Vomiting. It is the body’s manner of responding to something that is not acceptable. It can be a result of food or medicine that was taken, headache or migraine, alcoholism, due to pregnancy, intestinal problems or other medical condition that needs to be treated accordingly, but as to minor reason of vomiting there are recommended remedies that can be done at home.

One of the food remedies that you can eat to ease vomiting is ginger. It has properties that can sooth and cure upset stomach. The taste may seem to be spicy and difficult to take but it can instantly relieve vomiting. If you are having a hard time chewing fresh ginger you can pour a 3 cups of water into a pan and chop some ginger, once the water boils, place the ginger into the pan and let it simmer. You can drink the boiled ginger slowly and you would feel the flow from your mouth to your stomach that gives a comforting relief.

If ginger is not available right away you can sip a small amount of cola, remove carbonation my constant stirring and drink it gradually and continuously every 10 minutes. As soon as vomiting stops you can drink a small amount of water alternately with the cola. Keep away from dairy products as it will only aggravate vomiting.

Although drinking cola can stop vomiting it cannot replace the lost electrolytes in the body that was eliminated due to vomiting. It is good to take water from time to time or you may purchase oral rehydration solutions from over the counter store to restore electrolyte inconsistency.

Avoid eating hard food for the meantime, eat small meals until vomiting is complete treated. You may try eating oatmeal, bread and other soft food or soup.

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