Natural Treatment for Vulvodynia

Vulvodynia Home Remedies

Vulvodynia is an illness that causes to swell, becomes irritated and with a hurtful stingy feeling in the vulva. Vulva is the external genital part of the female.

Medical study has not yet proven and had not confirmed if such infection came from sexually transmitted disease however, possible cause may come from repeated use of antibiotics, sexual abuse in the past, hormonal imbalance or change, allergic reaction from substance and mildew and contraction of the muscles that resulted from using tampons, activities such as bicycling, very active sexual life, riding horses and even sitting for a long time due to work requirement.

Although vulvodynia does not cause fatality but can affect a females general activities and will have an effect on her relationship resulting to unhappy and depressed life.

Tips on Treating Vulvodynia Naturally

The treatments that are available may not be appropriate for all, so women needs to find out what is the best remedy that will work for them. Natural treatments will help them manage the pain.

If you want to treat vulvodynia you have to avoid the things that aggravate it, including soaps, tissue paper, feminine wash, and the clothes you wear.

  • Do not bath in a pool that is contains much chlorine
  • Use cotton panties, menstrual napkins and avoid tampons
  • Do not use shampoo in the genital parts
  • Make it habit to wash your genital parts after intercourse and use water based lubricant
  • Do not use scented fragrance, soaps and creams
  • Do not use tight fitting jeans, skirts and panty hose
  • Keep your genital parts fresh and clean
  • Use detergent and fabric conditioner that are dermatologically tested
  • Do not sit on a hard area surface
  • Always wash the vulvar with warm water to ease the pain.
  • If you are in pain during intercourse try to place ice in a cloth and place it in the vulvar
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Name: Monica Wade

Hello! I have a sister that is experiencing vulvodynia, and has been in alot of pain for the past two years. She is now in physical theraphy. Are there any special diets she can try to ease some of the pain?

Name: Sherrica

I read that an oxalate free diet helps. Also acupuncture. Taking fish oil and acidaphillous pills helps with the obsorbtion of oxalates.

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