Natural Treatment for Wheezing

Natural Remedy for Wheezing

Wheezing means a person is out of breath or panting, that creates a whistling sound every time the person breaths. Eventually it is an indication that person experiencing wheezing has breathing difficulty that can be caused by asthma, cough, bronchitis, runny nose, fever, suffocation, hives, colds and allergies that have blocked air passage.

The person may also be suffering from a pulmonary disease or respiratory sickness, heart failure and GERD, these are all severe condition that needs medical attention but as for ordinary cases wheezing can be naturally treated at home, it is a matter of boosting you immune system from bacteria and infection by being clean, watching what you eat and appropriate workout.

When you are experiencing wheezing at a delicate stage, all you can do for the mean time just to provide you comfort in breathing wrap your cheat with warm towel, by doing so your muscle will be calmed and relaxed. Avoid drinking cold water it will only aggravate difficulty in breathing but instead drink warm water or tea, as this will help air passage and help breathing flow easily.

Each morning as you wake up, make it a habit to drink a spoon full of pure squeezed lime juice; this will help prevent wheezing as it clears air passage.

Steam treatment is also a way of helping you out. Pour an amount of eucalyptus oil in boiling water place in a basin, breath in the vapor for about 10minutes, place a towel on top of your head to help you retain the vapor.

One of the methods that can ease you during a wheezing attack is by bathing in a hot shower; the hot water will create a steam and it will be very beneficial for your breathing difficulty, you will feel a sudden relief from wheezing at the same time your chest muscle will also be relaxed while taking a shower.

Do not forget to include fruits and whole grain foods in your diet to boost your immune system

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