Natural Treatment for Whooping Cough

Home Remedies for Whooping Cough

There are a number of home remedies for whooping cough which if taken will certainly help you to get treated of the problem in a few days. Natural treatment for whooping cough includes taking ginger, garlic and onion juice. Radish juice is also effective. Try to take a balanced diet as well.

Whooping Cough is also called as Pertussis. It is caused by bacterial infection and is said to be communicable. It may spread through air and mainly you can catch it if the other person is sneezing or coughing in front of you. Sometimes it might be so serious that the person suffering from it might even have vomiting.

Treating Whooping Cough

Basically it affects the child though even adults might catch the same. It is really one of the most irritating kinds of a problem and in the initial phases you may suffer from runny nose, little fever, coughing and body ache. If you do not get it treated it may turn to worse, so early treatment is required in this case.

There are various home remedies which are available for treating whooping cough and most of the time you may get relief from these remedies itself. If you suffer from whooping cough then first try to use these natural treatments rather than going to the doctor directly.

Home Remedies for Whooping Cough

Use of raw onions is said to be quite helpful in treating cough. Try to chop it and extract the juice from the same. in one teaspoon of this juice mix one teaspoon of honey and take it twice a day. This will serve as a good tonic for coughing.

In the similar manner, garlic juice too is said to be quite effective. Try to take out the juice of garlic and drink little drops of it many times a day. It is said to be a very effective treatment in whooping cough.

Your diet too matters a lot. You have to take a balanced diet which should be rich in fruits. You should try to stay on the fruit rich diet for a few days.

Ginger juice can also prove to be helpful in treating whooping cough. Try to extract juice from ginger and mix it with fenugreek and honey and take it twice. You will feel relieved.

Orange juice also is said to be beneficial. Try to take orange juice which should be taken with lukewarm water.

Almond oil also work wonders in whooping cough. You should mix 10 dops of it with ginger and onion juice and drink it. Use this three times a day.

Radish juice is also said to be quite effective in the treatment of whooping cough. Radish juice with one teaspoon of honey and rock salt should be taken at least three times daily to get relief in the least possible time.

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