Natural Treatment of Gastritis

Home Remedies for Gastritis

Gastritis is an illness that is caused by indigestion or infection of the stomach lining, it brings annoyance to those who are experiencing gastritis because of the pain, vomiting, gas, loss of appetite, headache, heartburn, bad breath, nausea and ulcer that it brings, commonly resulted from alcoholism, over eating, unbalanced diet, extreme vomiting or from drugs due to medication from other illness.

Commonly, medicines that are prescribed by doctors or bought over the counter can cause gastritis it’s a good thing that there are natural treatment that are available without worrying that gastritis may be triggered or worsen.

Since gastritis is being triggered through the food we eat, it is best that we watch over our diet to ensure that it will be prevented. Maintaining a healthy and proper diet will not only treat gastritis but will also prevent it from coming back once cured.

Watch over the food you eat especially if it is too spicy or salty and sour, as it can irritate the stomach and worsen gastritis. Avoiding too much caffeine and carbonated drinks as well.

Make it a habit to drink chamomile tea made of organic substance as it contains Apigenin that heals injured stomach lining and swelling.

One of the most effective ways to heal gastritis is through coconut treatment, it gives relaxation to the stomach and also supplies vitamins and essential nutrients to the body. It is advised to drink coconut water at the beginning of the condition to cure gastritis immediately.

You can never go wrong with water treatment, refraining from hard food for about three days will help you flush out toxic and maintaining about 3 liters a days of water will help you cure gastritis. An all fruit diet is also recommended, eating fruits such as apples, watermelons, pears and other juicy fruits. Including curd and cottage cheese to your diet will also help treat gastritis.

Be worry-free, this will also help you cure gastritis, nervousness causes the acid to reflux back to the esophagus. Either it will trigger vomiting or nausea.

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