Natural Treatment of Gum Disease

How to Heal Gum Problems Naturally

What is gum disease? What happens when a person has gum disease? What are the symptoms of gum disease? What are the natural remedies you can do at home to cure gum disease?

Gum disease is a state of gum infection that affects the tissue and bone that is attached to the teeth that makes it swell and infected. It usually starts when plague begins to build up in the teeth, a combination of saliva and some remainder of food that was left in the mouth from the food that you ate.

If the plague is not removed immediately it will turned into tartar and would cause swelling of gums that may bleed while brushing the teeth, this is a sign that gum disease is starting, as well as thinning gums, bad breath and loosen teeth between the gums and teeth.

There are some cure that can be done at home as remedy for gum disease and will also help you continue and maintain healthy teeth and gums, which can also provide quick and effective relief.

One of the natural remedy that you can use for gum disease is baking soda. Mix the solution with water and apply it to your gums gently, it defuses the bacteria in your mouth and reduces bad breath. As you massage your gums with baking soda it also provides you good blood circulation

For bleeding gums you may take vitamin C and D. Vitamin C is considered an antioxidant that speeds up bone restoration and by eating fruits that is rich in vitamin C like oranges, mango, and strawberry will help you repair gum tissues. Avoid smoking as it reduces absorption of vitamin C.

The use of Tea Tree Oil that can provide properties like as of antibiotic can reduce gingivitis, toothache, sores in the mouth, bad breath and bleeding. It prevents bacteria.

Aloe Vera is an herbal medicine that can be use for healing sore mouths and prevents plague. It serves as a covering for the gums and protects it from infection.

Wash out residue of food after eating gargling warm water with salt solution, it takes away bacteria and sanitizes the gums and teeth.

Eating food high in calcium, vitamin B6 and magnesium can help you maintain a well-built and healthy teeth and gums such as apples that can quicken the gums healing process and lessen loss of teeth.

Healthy eating habit also provides nourishment to the teeth and gums; it is suggested to take more fruits and vegetables instead of sweets and food that contain preservatives that can develop plague.

Brushing the teeth alone is not enough; you need to cleanse the surrounding area such as the tongue where plague and bacteria may reside. Brushing is required after each meal or at least three times a day.

You need to be aware of the tooth brush you are using. You have to be sure that you are using a sanitized toothbrush and you have to regularly change your brush at least every three months.

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