Natural Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Home Remedies for Prostate Cancer

There are various home remedies available which if used can help in reducing the growth of cancerous cells. Eating cooked tomato has been found to be quite useful, same is the case with green tea. Natural treatment of prostate cancer would include a number of herbs like lycopene, melatonin, Saw palmetto.

Prostate cancer is said to be one of the leading causes of deaths in men across the world. It is one of the most common types of cancers which occur in men.

Understanding Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer occurs in the prostate gland when the cells show an abnormal growth. However it is said to be a very slow growing kind of cancer. But by the time it becomes clear that the person is suffering from prostate cancer it is likely that it might have affected other organs of the body as well since the symptoms become visible after very long time.

There are a few visible symptoms of prostate cancer however, which includes difficulty in urination, frequent urination, sometimes finding it difficult to sleep, having backache.

Apart from the regular treatment of prostate cancer, there are various natural treatments also available for the same. There are a number of herbs which can be used as an alternative treatment of prostate cancer.

Treating Prostate Cancer

Lycopene is said to be quite effective in prostate cancer. The anti oxidant properties which are found in lycopene is said to be quite helpful in reducing the growth of the malignant cancer. Researches have even proved that eating cooked tomato products prevents the prostate cancer from occurring. As tomato is said to be quite rich in lycopene so if one cooks the tomato there is said to be a greater release of lycopene and hence the benefit which however is not available in raw tomato.

Saw Palmetto is yet another herb found to be beneficial in the treatment of prostate cancer. The good thing is that there are no side effects of the same. Drinking green tea on a regular basis is also said to reduce the growth of cancerous cells.

Melatonin is known to be not just reducing the growth of cancer cells but also has been found to be quite effective in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy.

Your diet too matters a lot. Whatever you eat should be fresh and try to eat as much as possible home cooked food. Try to eat more of nuts which help in reducing the cancer growth.

Include more of green leafy vegetables in your diet like broccoli, cabbage, spinach. Fruits like lemon, apples, kiwis are said to be quite good for those suffering from prostate cancer.

You need to stay away from processed sugar products as much as possible this would be including cheese, cakes, and pastries.

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