Natural Treatment of Ringworm

Home Remedies of Ringworm

There are various home remedies of ringworm which if applied in the right manner will help you to get cure of the disease. Make a paste of mustard seeds and apply it on the affected area. Using tea tree oil is also known to be quite effective. Natural treatment of ringworm will take long time but will surely work in healing.

Ringworm is a fungus which is known to spread from those pet and other animals which themselves might be suffering from the same. If you get in contact with any of these, chances are that you too will get the infection.

Problem of Ringworm

Ringworm is known to affect the skin. Sometimes nails and scalp too might be affected by it. Children are known to be getting more of this disease as they are likely to come in contact with the animals. It is said to be contagious in nature.
Apart from the pets, ringworm is also known to spread through scratches and cuts and wounds. It is also known to be more common in those areas of the body where sweating most regularly occurs. So it is quite recommended that maintaining personal hygiene is quite essential which includes taking regular baths and changing clothes.

If you are suffering from ringworm then you will develop red patches on your skin, which if left untreated might increase as well. Ringworms are of different kinds like the body ringworm, scalp ringworm, ringworm of the feet and nails as well.

Natural Treatment of Ringworms

Ringworms can be treated medically and naturally as well. There are a number of ways in which effective home remedies if applied can help in the treatment of ringworms. If you are suffering from ringworm in the scalp region then it is advised that you can use the shea butter soap. Herbal tea made from goldenseal root is also considered to be quite effective in curing the ringworm.

Yet another remedy is the usage of tree tea oil which is considered to be very effective in the treatment of any kind of fungus. Either you use it in the undiluted form or else you can apply it in a diluted form as well. Applying tea tree oil in tandem with jojoba oil is also said to be quite worthy in treating the infection of ringworm.

Oil of Oregano is also an effective remedy which is also known to be antifungal. Rubbing papaya on the affected region is also known to work wonders. Mustard seed can also be used effectively in the treatment of ringworms. You need to make a powder of mustard seeds and then add some water into it in order to make a thick paste. This paste should be applied on the affected region, if done regularly this will help you a lot in getting rid of ringworm.

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