Natural Treatments for Acne

Affordable Natural Treatment of Acne

Poor hygiene and diet hardly have a say in causing acne, which surely defy the prevailing myths. Acne occurs due to extra production of waxy substance called sebum which has power to lubricate skin. This substance enters into hair follicles and blocks them that ultimately produce bacteria. Resultantly inflammation and cysts become a regular phenomenon.

When there appears the case of persistent and uncontrollable acne, having proper guidance from dermatologist for prescription drug becomes mandatory which helps you overcome such disorder.

In case you have developed inflamed acne, dermatologist can go for some sorts of antibiotics but in case your acne is uncontrollable, doctors prescribe isotretinoin medicine, which has proved effective and is most potent to eliminate such problems. But it also brings bundles of hazardous aspects in the form of side effects. Reactions can be itching, headache, and muscle pain and hair loss amongst others. That is why this medicine is the ultimate choice when everything fails.

Natural Remedies: There are numerous effective natural remedies for acne that have proved highly effective. Black currant seed oil, also called evening primrose oil, is an excellent herbal medicine to eradicate acne. Likewise, echinacea, calendula, tea tree oil and goldenseal are natural products which help lessen the impact of acne. Another typical but effective treatment can be drinking tea which is prepared with the combination of nettles and cleavers tincture. One can also take lavender or chamomile tea to ward off stressful situations in acne. Famous Chinese herbs cnidium seed and honeysuckle flowers are other best alternatives.

Food for Acne: Although there is no connection of food with acne but, as the alternate practitioners believe, diet still plays pivotal role in treating it. Foods high in beta carotene like carrots, pumpkin, cantaloupe and yellow-orange fruits or vegetables are best relievers. Diets having components of bland elements like oatmeal, apple sauce and basmati rice are good food choices. When you take tea made from 0.5 teaspoons of cumin, coriander and fennel it offers effective result.

Do remember though that when acne is in its extreme stage you must have medical attention. But you can avoid medication when symptoms are milder. Applying natural herbs are best and affordable for acne. They are not exotic plants or rare species. These herbs are common natural items which include oils that we use in our daily life. Some spices too are great treatment options that keep skin perfect besides maintaining digestive system. The only aspect which must not be forgotten is ensuring that they are used properly.

The Precautionary Note: Do not use any herbal medicine to the newborn babies at any circumstance until and unless it is prescribed by an expert practitioner.

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