Natural Treatments for Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Home Treatment

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that causes the air to be blocked from the lungs towards the nose making it difficult for the person to breathe or to stop breathing but recommence again. This type of sleeping disorder is a disease and can cause heart attack if not treated right away. Sleep apnea is a result of loud snoring, memory loss, headache or being irritated or being moody.

Gaining weight is one of the causes of sleep apnea including alcoholism, excessive smoking and taking tranquilizer before going to bed. Alcoholic beverages cause the muscles in the mouth and throat to tighten which causes snoring. If you are obese try to lose weight as much as possible and you will notice the difference if you reduce even 20% of your body weight

Tips to avoid Sleeping Apnea

  • Make it a habit to taka a warm bath before going to sleep
  • Try not to sleep flatly on your back but instead sleep on your side. Elevate your head from the body
  • Do not intake any dairy products before going to sleep
  • Clear your nasal passage by rubbing vapor rub on your chest
  • Quit smoking, drugs and drinking
  • Regular exercise will help to reduce weight
  • Minimize intake of caffeine and carbonated drinks
  • Avoid intake of sleeping pills

There are herbal medicines that you can consume before going to sleep that can be very helpful in improving your sleep and reduce sleep apnea.

Passion flower is an herbal medicine that can stir up sleepiness at the same time it soothes muscular pain or inflammation which is good for the mouth, throat and air passage.

Chamomile combined with hops will act as a sedative that has no side effect unlike over the counter drug. It relaxes the muscles and relieves you from tension and provides a good night sleep.

You can also include Jamaica together with chamomile and hops. By combining them, they can provide calmness and improve quality of sleep.

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