Natural Way to Stop Snoring

How to Stop Snoring

Are you bothered by snoring as you think it’s already a nuisance to you or to your partner in bed so you’re looking for the natural way to stop snoring? Many people snore and most cases are men; if you’re one of the snorers out there then you should not fret as there are numerous techniques to stop snoring in natural way.

Is there Natural Way to Stop Snoring?

Snoring is really bothering especially if the sound is unpleasant or too loud to hear. The frequency of snoring depends on several factors or it can be also a symptom of a sleep disorder known as “sleep apnea”. Let’s start why snoring is likely to happen when we sleep.

To give you an idea, there are two soft tissues or respiratory structures inside the mouth that are involve in snoring; the soft palate (located behind the roof of the mouth) and the uvula (at the middle edge of the soft palate). When these two soft tissues vibrates because there’s obstruction in the air passage in the course of breathing, this triggers snoring and the resulting sound can be earsplitting. This would likely to happen if:

  • you suffer from throat weakness
  • your jaw is on the wrong position due to muscle tension
  • there are fat formation in the area of the throat
  • you experience swollen tonsils
  • your tongue dropped to the back of your mouth
  • the nasal channel is obstructed

Based on studies, men are more likely to snore than women and the age is also another factor for the frequency of snoring. Statistics show that senior citizens aging 55 years old and up are very prone to snoring. Nevertheless, this sleep condition is not alarming since there are several natural ways on how to stop snoring without taking any type of medication.

How to Stop Snoring in Natural Way?

Snoring is not a big deal as there are simple solutions to reduce the annoying sound when you sleep. Here are some of the advisable natural ways for a good night sleep for you and for your partner.

  • Maintain a normal weight. – Obesity or becoming overweight is believed to be a big factor of snoring because there is a big chance of narrowing of the airway and fat formation in the throat’s area. Start losing weight and eat foods rich in fiber as it helps in reducing fats in the body.
  • Quit Smoking. – Smoking causes respiratory problems like nasal congestion that obstruct the air movement on the airways. You must quit before it’s too late. You must also keep yourself away from secondhand smoke.
  • Stop drinking of alcohol and taking of tranquilizers before sleeping. – Substances from sedatives and alcoholic beverages can harm the nervous system and makes the muscles of the jaw and the throat to relax.
  • Make it a habit to sleep on your side not on your back. – Wrong sleeping position also causes a person to snore, try sleeping on your side instead of your back. also list more tips to stop snoring naturally.

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