Nerve Damage in Neck Symptoms

Symptoms of Nerve Damage in Neck

Most options which medical experts suggest to control nerve pain especially damages base on specific researches. Do understand the crucial facts like role of nervous system in the body and its involvement to help it function. Regulation of your breath, controlling muscles and last but not the least sensing such heat and cold has enough involvement of nervous system. Symptoms of nerve damage should be taken into consideration keenly.

Before you know rest aspects it is mandatory to understand all three types of nerves or neurons minutely to judge its role in human body. Autonomic nerves keep controlling involuntary or partially voluntary activities in human bodies to ensure heart rate, blood pressure; digestion and temperature regulation go appropriate. Motor nerves control total movement through passing information from brain and spinal cord to body muscles for overall body functioning. Likewise sensory nerves are powerful tool which passes information from skin and muscles back to spinal cord or brain. The feeling of pain or various other sensations are sensed easily through it.

Nerve Damage Symptoms:

Though nerve pain or damage is milder in nature but special care must be done for total fitness. Damages or pains ruin quality of life so timely treatment is important. It is necessary to do deeper study of possible symptoms and find appropriate solution.

They are of various types:

  • Symptoms vary according to location and type of nerves affected
  • Often damages occur to nerves in brain and spinal cords
  • It may also occur in peripheral nerves

Autonomic Nerve Damages:

It is one typical factor which might have many types of symptoms including these:

  • Inability to sense chest pain like angina or heart attack
  • Feeling too much sweating or no sweating at all
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dry eyes and mouth
  • Constipation
  • Bladder dysfunction
  • Sexual dysfunction

Possible Treatments:

Identification of neck nerve damage symptoms in early stage or prompt treatment prevents future complications. Respiratory complications are also linked with it. Lack of control in excretory organs is other prerequisite. If medicines fail to provide pain relief corticosteroid injections are advised. Heat and cold compression on neck have soothing effect on pain. Physical therapy is recommended to strengthen neck muscles which in turn suppress pressure on affected nerves. Massage therapy too improves blood circulation in neck area with faster recovery from neck nerve pain.

Symptom Identification:

As motor nerves damage symptoms are weakness, muscle atrophy and twitching or fasciculation paralysis whereas sensory nerve damage causes pain, sensitivity, numbness, tingling or prickling, burning and issues with positional awareness indicate one suffers from typical nerve damage in neck. Take it seriously. Autoimmune diseases cancer, trauma, diabetes, drug side effects and toxic substances have causal relation with nerve damage in neck. Motor neuron diseases affect nerves in brain and spinal columns resulting into problem in muscles.

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