Neuropathy Natural Treatment

Neuropathy Home Remedies

According to the reports, five percent of the people who belong to 55 years of age and above experiences neuropathy. Some of these people are unable to engage in expensive therapeutic regimens because of lack of financial source. However, it is a good thing to know that there is neuropathy natural treatment that is available.

Those people who are victims of this disease are surely experiencing extreme level of discomfort. Particularly, damage to the nerves is the main source of pain felt in this condition. There are already available neuropathy natural treatments.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

First is with the use of Alpha Lipoic Acid. This substance basically contains fatty acid that is sulphur-containing. This substance is found inside the cell which serves as the generator of energy. Physicians coming from Germany studied this and they have incorporated intravenous alpha lipoic acid to their study population. The results were generally positive. After the study, there are variations made with regards to the presentation of the natural remedy. It was made into capsules in order to be ingested even in a home basis.

Vitamin B Complex

Next to the natural remedies is the Vitamin B complex. What this vitamin does in your body is it maintains the integrity of the blood vessels. There are times that the lining of the tunica intima of your nerves are damaged. Vitamin B goes to the damaged part of the vessel and attaches to it. As a result, the torn part is revived. Making the integrity of the vessels seems to be same as the healthy ones. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B are glandular organs like liver, intestines, etc.


Exercise is also a natural treatment for neuropathy. When a person is exercising sedentary lifestyle, there will be no appropriate blood circulation in their system. When there is no ample rate of blood circulation, bad cholesterol or low density lipoprotein deposits to the walls of the blood vessels. This leads to neuropathy. Unlike when a person exercises at least three times a week in not less than 30 minutes duration, there will be adequate rate of blood circulation. Thus, there will also be burning of cholesterol that will halt the possibility of neuropathy occurrence.


One of the most helpful minerals that are essential in treating neuropathy is magnesium. This is most effective in facilitating right rate of nerve conduction. When there is decreased level of body magnesium, there will be increase in the blood glucose levels. Increase in the concentration of glucose in the blood will lead to increase in its viscosity. Thus, there will be a chance of clogging in the vessels. When not managed properly, peripheral neuropathy may happen. Foods that are high in Magnesium content are black beans, halibut, rockfish, soy milk, tofu, raw plantain, oysters, whole white bread, cooked spinach and pumpkin seeds. However, avoid ingesting too much of magnesium rich foods in order to avoid experiencing hypermagnesemia.

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