Newborn Cold Congestion

Treating Cold Congestion in Newborn

Treating Cold Congestion in newborn is essential as it might cause severe pain to the child, he might find it difficult to eat or breathe properly. If the newborn cold congestion turns severe it is advised that you consult your doctor immediately. Give him steam baths, rub vaporiser this will give him relief.

Newborn babies catching cold is a common problem and most of the parents are really worried about the same. Since the new born have a very weak immune system so they are likely to catch cold in the first few months of their life. Colds indubitably are very uncomfortable for the new born who finds it difficult to breathe. When his nose is blocked, still he would breathe from the nose and this afflicts pain. A blocked nose even makes it difficult to feed the young one.

Symptoms of Cold

There are a number of symptoms like runny nose, the nasal discharge might even become thicker and green in colour. The child may start to suffer from fever also. The baby might have red eyes or get a hoarse voice in case of serious cold.

Nasal congestion needs to be treated at the earliest in the baby since it might be quite uncomfortable for the baby even to sleep properly.

You need to call doctor if the baby is suffering from fever, or else if the cold has, been continuing from more than one week. If there is no improvement in the baby’s condition and it is finally turning into wheezing then too you need to be cautious.

Treating Cold in the Child

Try to rub vaporiser on the chest of the young one it will provide some relief. Give him steam inhalation or a warm bath whichever is easy for you to do. You also need to increase his fluid intake, the more fluids the baby takes, the better his condition will become.

You can also use nasal aspirator in order to suction out the mucus out of his nose, this will also provide relief to the child. Make sure you keep the room moist enough, don’t let it be dry since it is not healthy for the child. Saline nose drops are also available which you can use on the advice of the paediatrician. Try to make the child sleep in an elevated position.

If the fever is high in your child, then give him acetaminophen depending upon the age of the child. If your child is vomiting then it is suggested that you should not give the doses.

Make sure you are not giving your child over the counter cough and cold preparations, since they might be life threatening for your infants. It is also advised that you should not give any medicine to the child without the advice of the doctor, since they may have different effects on different children.

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