Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diet

Things to Know When You Are Having Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diet

Even though there are a lot of temptations that might affect our health, we must not fear because there are also ways on which will combat such unlikely instance just like the non alcoholic fatty liver diet.

Due to the fact that we have unhealthy lifestyle, it is not anymore a surprise if we will see a lot of ailments that are happening in our body. One of the results of unhealthy lifestyle is fatty liver disease or FLC. When it comes to this topic, the real and major cause of it is the too much intake of alcohol.

What is FLD?

For those people who have experienced FLD or fatty liver disease, they surely know for a fact that it is actually fat that the liver accumulates through steatosis that would later on replace the liver cell. On the other hand, there is also the so-called no alcoholic FLC. This is actually the result of reaction to medication as well as diabetes.

Tips for Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diet

Among the many tips that one must consider in non alcoholic fatty liver diet, the best that they can do is to avoid foods that are high in fats. You must know that those foods that are very high in fats are the same reason why the liver have a hard time functioning. Besides, there is still another benefit that you can get aside from that. Avoiding such foods will also help you in shedding fats in your body. Basically, you need to avoid foods like:

  • Deep fried foods
  • Full cream dairy
  • Processed vegetable oils
  • Preserved meats

Another thing that you must do is to choose those foods which have a lot of Essential Fatty Acids. This is so because Essential Fatty Acids are very good for our health. One can find a rich source of these acids from fresh avocadoes, raw seeds, sesame seeds as well as legumes. It is also something feasible for one to mix these seeds after grounding them in their meals or other fruit juices. By doing so, you are rest assured that you will make yourself healthy while doing lesser efforts.

Moreover, it is also very important to make use of sugars that are natural. You must really be very particular not to take too much of refined white sugar or unnatural sugars since the carbohydrates it has easily turn into fats. Instead, what one must do is to eat:

  • Honey
  • Dried fruits
  • Fruit jams
  • Fruit sorbets

On the other hand, said that one must avoid foods like:

  • Candies
  • Milk chocolates
  • Butter cakes

For those who are choosy on what they eat, there are actually recipes that one can take. Just make sure that you eat moderately if you are in your non alcoholic fatty liver diet. By doing so, you are able to eat delicious food and at the same time be able to lose weight.

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