Older Women Smoking Habits

Older Women Smoking Side Effects

In today’s fashionable lifestyle, cultural relapses are common in the societies. Many women keep continuing their smoking habits to make the fashion statement but they are hardly aware of the negative effects of such habits. According to a survey nearly 21 percent women smokers are in the age group of 18 to 44 years.

Smoking is main reason of fertilization problem in women due to ovulatory response which decreases while zygote implantation gets affected once tobacco make fluids toxic for sperms ultimately creating difficulties in pregnancy.

Whether young or one who have crossed 40, women smoking continuously develop complications and disabilities over the period. Infertility is the major side effect of smoking in older women. Although delayed childbirth become general phenomenon these days infertility takes serious turn when women smoke at certain age at their maturity. Women smokers who have been delaying their childbirth refuel infertility problem because smoking habit turns risky for their health.

Smoking and Pregnancy: Pregnant smokers not only welcome problems for her but also for the baby-to-born when mother keep smoking during pregnancy. The fact is that chemicals in tobacco pass to the foetus through bloodstream which finally brings serious risks to the unborn baby. Other crucial damages of smoking during pregnancy are low birth weight, premature delivery, miscarriage, placenta previa, premature rupture of membranes or neonatal death amongst others.

Hazards On Mature Smokers: Older women smoke to satiate their unbound desires for enjoying freedom. But this is unfortunate that they ignore health complications for the sake of a timely ‘satisfaction.’ The truth is that smoking increases the risk of early menopause. This experience can be 2-3 years earlier than in the normal circumstances. Furthermore women face abnormal bleeding, vaginal discharges, vaginal infection and amenorrhea due to continuous smoking. Menstruation complications keep developing among smoking women.

Ovaries get affected due to smoking as its toxic effect lower estrogens level. Abnormalities in menstrual periods are other critical aspects involved in it. With reaching to certain age women can develop osteoporosis. Its symptoms are severe for women smokers. Likewise smoking women also encounter more loss of bone density unlike non-smoking women.

Major Complications: Smoking habit of older women may land them at a situation where they turns the victim of heart disease, may face harmonic problems and are prone to breast cancer besides cervical and vulvar cancers. Smoking fills lungs and body with toxic elements while decreasing the amount of oxygen that are exclusively meant for brain and body tissues. It is, therefore, most important that older women with smoking habits must cease to it at the earliest for the sake of keeping their rest life in cheer.

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