PMDD Treatment Options

Getting Rid of PMDD

Getting rid of PMDD is quite essential for those women who are suffering from the same. These include a number of symptoms like headache, depression, swelling and tenderness of breast. PMDD treatment options are available now which if taken in a proper way will help you get rid of the problem.

PMDD stands for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, it is one of the most common problems which affect women in a large part of the world. Earlier very little information was available with regard to this problem and hence less treatment was available but now over the years pmdd has been receiving enough of significance and lots of treatment options are also available.

Symptoms of PMDD

There are a number of symptoms of PMDD which if you are able to find in yourself then surely you have to take extra care of yourself. Some of the common symptoms include severe headache, severe depression almost for the whole day or major part of the day, tenderness in the breast, sometimes swelling also occurs on the breast. You may have no appetite for food and feel like crying as well. However now the treatment options are available for PMDD.
Exercise is considered to be one of the easiest way of tackling PMDD. You need to exercise daily in order to get rid of these symptoms. A number of herbal remedies are also available for getting rid of severe kind of headache. Over the counter medicines too have been found to be quite useful in treating PMDD in women.

Treating PMDD

Taking omega 3 fatty acids in little doses is considered to be quite effective. Yu should get your blood test done to know the severity of the problem. Vitamin D too is said to be beneficial in controlling PMDD.

Antidepressants too are said to work in the treatment of PMDD. A number of times doctors prescribe antidepressants to women who are suffering from PMDD. Some of the antidepressants which have been approved by the doctors includes Zoloft, Sarafem, Paxil CR. These have to be taken during the menstrual cycle’s luteal phase.

Sometimes taking birth control pills too have been found to be quite effective in getting rid of the problem of PMDD. A number of women who took these pills found their problem got eased out since these pills are known to work on the hormones which are responsible for PMDD.

In some of the cases group counselling too has worked wonders on those women who were suffering from PMDD. You need to contact a good counsellor who will give you the right kind of treatment.

The easiest method of getting rid of PMDD is to bring about changes in your lifestyle which will surely work wonders. Most of the time problem occurs due to lifestyle changes. Adopting to a healthy lifestyle behaviour will surely ease the problem.

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