Pain Between Shoulder Blade

What Causes Shoulder Blade Pain

Shoulder blade pain is one of the most common reasons why people go to their doctors, while there are various factors which cause this, it is very important to diagnose the condition and be able to pinpoint the main cause for this to allow physician’s to know what kind of treatment he should use.

Shoulder blade pain often originates from the joints. According to a study, elders and athletes who are required to have extensive training are often predisposed to this condition.

Since the shoulder consists of various joints, this part of the body is more prone to experience tears, inflammation, strains, sprains, and friction. According to doctors, the shoulder consists of three joints which provide specific design to support articulation for collarbone, humerus (long bone from the upper arm), and shoulder blade (scapula). With this complex design, capsules, ligaments, and muscles, are often more vulnerable to experience stress compared to other parts of the body.

Since there are various causes for shoulder pain, it is very important to pinpoint the main reason for this in order to apply the best and most suitable treatment and medication. There are many tests and examinations which can reveal the main cause of the pain, these include neurological inspection to evaluate the nerves’ condition; x-ray machine which can reveal if there is a trauma and fractures on the bursa (the small sack which allows the muscles slide efficiently), joints, and bones; and range of motion (ROM) which involves rotating and moving the arms to see if there is any dislocation or trauma.

According to doctors, the most common factors for shoulder blade pain are: strained ligaments and tendons; osteoarthritis in the shoulder joint; rheumatoid arthritis in the shoulder joint; dislocation in the shoulder joint which is a result from trauma (this is most common for athletes and people who do extensive training); inflammation of the joints which is caused by a virus that may have originated from other parts of the body; strained muscles; rotator cuff syndrome which may be a result from tear, sprain, or strained; sarcoma which is a malignant tumor arising from connective tissues of the upper end of the humerus; bursitis which is a condition where there is an inflammation of the bursa; breast cancer cells which can spread to the shoulder; and osteoporosis which is a condition where the bones are more predisposed to injuries and fractures.

There are some cases of shoulder blade pain which do not really originated from the shoulder itself but in other parts of the body. For instance, throbbing pain originating under the left shoulder blade may be a result from some underlying diseases in the chest or stomach area and pain originating from the right shoulder blade may be a sign that there might be an inflammation in the gallbladder.

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