Phlegm in Throat after Eating

Treatment for Phlegm in Throat

Understanding the problem of phlegm in throat is going to be quite helpful in providing a solution to the same. Phlegm in throat after eating can be quite hurtful, this happens due to the accumulation of the mucus. So try to prevent the same, by blowing your nose regularly, drink non caffeine fluids.

There has been often complaints by some of the people that after eating there begins choking and coughing which might cause serious disturbance to them. This happens when the air passages appear blocked due to the accumulation of mucus.

Occurrence of Phlegm in Throat

The main function of phlegm is to avoid the dirt and other foreign particles from entering the lungs since if they enter they might cause infection and thereby damage the lungs. However if these particles somehow enters the body then they are made to come out of the body through phlegm and coughing.

Phlegm too is of different types, one major type is the yellow green phlegm. You need to check that excessive phlegm is not being build up or else it could seriously cause damage to the lungs. If this is the situation then proper medical care is also needed.

There are a number of factors responsible for the occurrence of excessive phlegm. The most important being the viral infections which are responsible for common cold. Bronchitis too might be responsible, it occurs when there is swelling in the mucus membrane. The result is that the air passages become narrow and phlegm develops in these air passages.

Some other causes for the development of phlegm are asthma, sinusitis if left untreated. In each of these the negative effect is on the breathing of the individual who might suffer from the same.

Sometimes Acid Reflux too is said to be responsible for the inflammation which might occur in the lungs. There are many people who might even be suffering from heartburn along with this problem. They might feel uncomfortable after immediately eating the food like spaghetti.

The problem of excessive phlegm is also to be seen in the smokers who smoke a lot.

Treating the Problem of Phlegm

Those who suffer from this kind of a problem need to be more cautious as to what they are eating. It is suggested that they opt more for vegan diet. Furthermore it is suggested that you should opt for non caffeine fluids daily, this will include more of juices and water, try to drink as much as possible. This will have a good effect as it would make the mucus thin enough that it could move out easily. You should try to opt for decongestants as well.

You should also gargle with salt water; this too is known to remove the phlegm in the throat. You also need to blow your nose regularly.

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Name: Leonel Melgar

Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help me out with this one. After I am done eating and/or drinking, mainly drinking, I always have phlegm in my throat and have to cough/throw it up and spit it out. It mostly seems like it's snot/spit with airbubbles or some sort. I also find myself coughing and clearing my throat throughout the day too. Even now as I swallow it feels like I have snot in the back of my throat. I looked into acid reflux, but I don't have many of the symptoms. No heartburn, nausea, trouble swallowing, etc.. It's nothing severe, but it would be nice if I could find a way to fix it. Thanks for any help!

Name: Robin

I know exactly what you're going through. I've got the same symptoms but have no idea what is causing it. If you find out the cause, would you please email or post it for me? I'd appreciate it a bunch.

Name: Lukas

Vegan diet? Well, I just ate a banana (quite vegan, right?), and got the same phlegm problem as usual after eating...

Name: Niall

I am trying to cut out various foods to see what is causing it. So far I suspect it is either dairy or sugar. It is a very annoying condition.

Name: Amber

I had this problem too. It developed into severe allergies and asthma. For me, it is caused from dairy and GMO food. Now I won't buy anything with dairy in it and I buy organic produce and products as much as possible. Most organic products don't contain GMO's which is the key for me (search youtube if you don't know what GMO's are). I do eat a little meat and eggs but it has to be hormone free and antibiotic free. All this means more home cooking with clean, pure food. Smoothies are a fast, easy way to make a healthy breakfast. Also I can find a lot of reasonably priced organic products at Costco - that don't have chemicals and preservatives in them either. In about 6 months I completely cured my allergies and asthma, plus a bunch of other health problems including 13 years of infertility. I now have a strong, healthy pregnancy - naturally.

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