Post Nasal Drip Throat Clearing

About Post Nasal Drip Throat Clearing

Post nasal drip throat clearing is a symptom that would result to throat irritation. When not given immediate medical intervention it would aggravate and would cause difficulty in sleeping caused by night coughing. In this sense, it is necessary to find ways on how to stop the post nasal drip.

Sinus drainage is the result when the sinus over produced mucus. When the mucus is unable to pass through the right passage it will drip at the back of the nose and the throat. This condition is triggered by several factors and it is important to know them in order to avoid the triggers. Post nasal drip throat clearing is treatable once diagnosed. It is important to undergo medical evaluation so that the condition would not last longer and avoid further complications.

Instructions in Throat Clearing

  • Drinking as many water as possible can help in thinning of mucus. Once the mucus is thinned it can easily move and pass through your nose. When there is a need to clear the throat all you have to do is to sip some water. You can also use saline nasal sprays to flush the throat and nasal passages. It is recommended to avoid intake of diuretic medications and caffeine to prevent sinus congestion.
  • Another way of clearing the throat is to make it as habit. This means that you should be conscious to clear your throat once you feel tickle of mucus. However, make sure to practice proper throat clearing by using the throat muscles and not your mouth. You can also drink herbal tea such as honey lemon, peppermint, wintergreen and lemon as it helps loosening the mucus.
  • Avoid intake of dairy products as it make the situation worse. Dairy products arouse the sinuses in such a way that it produces excessive mucus. When this happen there is a possibility to have irritated throat.
  • To stop throat clearing at night you should use semi-reclined chair and big pillows to keep your head elevated. However, if you want to lie flat you should sleep on your side instead on your back.
  • The mucus secretion can be reduced by taking antihistamine. It does not only reduce mucus secretion but also stop throat clearing. Nevertheless, you should be careful in using antihistamine as it might cause drowsiness. In addition, you can also use nasal steroids. It is an inhaler designed to reduce the mucus production and at the same time cease post nasal drip and throat clearing.

Moreover, there are home remedies effective in treating post nasal drip and throat clearing. You can browse at and study if the remedies are suitable to your condition. Drinking warm water after eating can help in clearing the throat. Therefore, instead of drinking cold water you can drink warm water especially when you feel like clearing your throat.

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