Postpartum Depression Natural Treatment

Natural Cure for Postpartum Depression

Pregnancy and childbirth cause hormonal changes in the woman’s body. The hormonal changes might lead to postpartum depression that is quite difficult. In this sense, it is necessary to find postpartum depression natural treatment to prevent it from worsening.

Obviously, motherhood brings lots of joy and happiness. However, it also involves addressing challenges and new responsibilities. Caring for another life, adapting to new life and keeping time for yourself are just some of the challenges and responsibilities that a mother should tackle. When not given immediate intervention, postpartum depression can lead to hallucinations, emotional turbulence and suicidal attempt. Women who are susceptible to postpartum depression are those who have history of depression, troublesome relationship and insufficient family support.

Why Choose Natural Remedies?

Choosing natural treatment for postpartum depression is ideal. This is because natural treatments are healthier and drug-free. Apparently, if a person experiences depression while breastfeeding taking medications should be avoided. Likewise, using natural treatments is more affordable as compared to other methods. Since it is all natural thus it does not provides side effects.

  • Herbs

There are different kinds of herbs used as natural treatment for postpartum depression. An example of the herb is the Passion flower that offers calming effect and controls the symptoms of the condition. During the early years, Europe and North America are using the passion flower as sedative. Likewise, this kind of herb has anti-spasmodic effect that eases anxiety, insomnia and restlessness. Another herb ideal for relieving postpartum depression is the St. John’s Wort. According to studies, the herb is effective in relieving depression from mild to moderate.

  • Diet

Eating habits directly affects the mood of an individual. To prevent anxiety it is important to increase the production of serotonin in the brain. This can be made possible by taking foods that are rich in carbohydrates such as whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. You should also consume foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids as it improves the person’s mood. Eating such kind of foods is recommended twice a week. Avoid drinking alcohol and eating chocolates because it exacerbates the symptoms of depression.

Aside from herbs and diet, you can a mother experiencing postpartum depression can also consider doing some physical activities. Keep in mind that lack of sleep can cause stress and keeping a positive mindset can make you feel better. To improve your well being you can take walking as a form of exercise that is beneficial in any situations.

Before taking any alternative treatment, you should consult your doctor’s advice.

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