Pranayama for High Blood Pressure

Curing High Blood Pressure through Pranayama

Pranayama for high blood pressure is becoming popular. This deals with controlling the breath. It is considered to be useful and effective. Blood pressure can be cured by relaxing the mind and the body. This can decrease the level of blood pressure in the whole body. It can definitely release the tension that causes blood pressure.

The concept of Pranayama is restraining your breath. It is considered as a very useful, functional and natural cure for high blood pressure. Pranayama is a Sanskrit word and traces its history back in South East Asia. It is said the hypertension or pre-hypertension is the main reason for high blood pressure. Relaxing your mind and body can really decrease down the high blood pressure level in your body. Therefore controlling mental health is a good way to lower down your high blood pressure.

What actually happens in high blood pressure?

The condition of high blood pressure narrows down the width of the arteries making it harder for the heart to pump the blood throughout body. As a result, heart has to give a high ‘pressure’ in order to transmit blood to whole parts of the body. This results in high blood pressure. ‘Systolic’ and ‘Diastolic’ are the two words you often hear from the physician or a doctor. The systolic pressure shows the pressure which is required by the heart to make in order to pump the blood via arteries. Diastolic pressure means the pressure between the heart beats. The normal blood pressure is often denoted by 120/80. Here 120 is systolic pressure while 80 is the diastolic pressure.

Pranayama and High Blood Pressure

Yoga has always been a center of peace of mind and body. It is considered of several physical exercises which are extremely peaceful and calm. It gives a peace to your mind as well, which in turn releases all types of tensions – which are the main reasons for the high blood pressure. The main purpose of pranayama is to feel self enlightenment and mentally relaxed. In fact, releasing the tension is the core way to decrease down your high blood pressure. The concept of Pranayama can be traced back in history from India where several priests and religious leaders used to practice this in the state of tension. The same practice of pranayama was also implemented on high blood pressure patients and most of them showed positive results. Since then, the practice of pranayama is very common in South East Asian region. But many modern critics do not believe in the concept of pranayama and they prefer synthetic antibiotics.

It is not false that antibiotics have their own significance and are highly consumed in all over the world for high blood pressure, but pranayama and similar physical exercises are considered as best in natural cures to high blood pressure.

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