Premenstrual Depression

Facts About Premenstrual Depression

Are you feeling emotionally depressed before your menstrual period? This condition is referred by the doctors as Premenstrual Depression caused by premenstrual syndrome, which is in relation to the menstrual cycle among women, thus, it is very much important for ladies to understand the condition and how to treat it so it won’t affect on your social life once it strikes you.

Premenstrual Depression, A Common Burden To Women

Understanding premenstrual depression should be given attention by women who are regularly suffering from this condition right before their menstrual period. Doctors explain that the premenstrual depression is a symptom of a disorder known as Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Under this condition, the women experiences a sudden change of mood prior to her monthly menstrual period (about five days earlier), usually emotionally distress even for an unknown reason. The pattern of the symptom of the disorder is quite erratic and sometimes the depression suddenly vanishes within a few days after the menstrual period.

Since the symptom of depression is related to PMS, it is apt to know for women the other symptoms with this order. According to experts, the mood swing that results to depression is also caused by low hormonal levels during the time of ovulatory function of the menstrual cycle among women. Most common symptoms of mild PMS are unhappiness or uncomfortable mood, irritability, difficulty when sleeping, changes in libido or sexual drive, anxiety, mild headache, crying, and emotional sensitivity. Furthermore, severe cases of depression can also lead to a much severe disorder called as Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD. This is the reason why women should learn how to manage the condition in particular to their monthly menstrual cycle.

How to Manage Premenstrual Depression? explains that a woman would suffer from frequent depression can be due to family history and after giving birth or referred as postpartum depression. If the woman doesn’t know how to manage depression, it could affect her normal lifestyle and social interaction to other people. Here are the ways that can be helpful for in managing depression.

  • Go for a Lifestyle Change – Mildest form of depression can be treated naturally by just a simple change in the everyday lifestyle. Since stress can cause depression, anti-stress exercises are the best solution to relieve the body from too much depression. There are several forms of aerobic exercises that are suitable for ladies such as dancing and gymnastics. Jogging early in the morning can also reduce the stress felt by the body and to be prepared for another busy day.
  • Have a well-balanced diet and avoid skipping meals – Eat healthy foods that are rich with complex carbohydrates but low in fats and proteins. Green-leafy vegetables and fresh fruits should be always present in every meal. However, it is important to reduce sugar and salt intake on the second stage of the menstrual cycle. It is also vital to increase calcium intake like drinking three glass of milk every day. Don’t skip any meals, too.
  • Avoid too much alcoholic drinks and caffeine – It is proven that drinks with high caffeine and alcohol content can induce depression so it is better to minimize or totally avoid it.
  • Take Nutritional Supplements or Prescription Medications – Ask your doctor about the available supplements or OTC medicines that can alleviate the symptom of depression.

These are some of the recommended ways to reduce the symptom of premenstrual depression and it is still advisable to seek advice from your doctor if you think that the symptom is already caused by severe disorders like PMS and PMDD.

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