Primary Amenorrhea Natural Treatment

Home Remedies for Primary Amenorrhea

They say that being a girl is fun but not every time especially if they face problems such as reproductive disorders and imbalances. One of the most common reproductive disorders that they suffer from is amenorrhea which is referred to as menstruation delay. By reading this article, you will know how to find the most effective treatments for them.

Upon reaching the age of puberty, girls of any age will already be prone to this kind of disorder. If you are also facing this kind of problem right now, you need to know that there are two kinds of amenorrhea such as primary and secondary amenorrhea. The former appears to girls aged 16 while the latter stops for up to 6 months thus, making them feel worried of being pregnant. To have a regular menstrual flow, this article will help you in providing you with complete information with regard to the primary amenorrhea natural treatments.

Primary Amenorrhea Natural Treatment Unravelled

Liver tonic is very important and the number one herb known to provide this is schisandra chinesis. It helps in binding the estrogen’s conversation to xenostrogen which is known as the bad type of estrogen causing breast cancer, hormonal irregularity and tumour.

Another woman-friendly enhancing herb is the Angelica root which is considered to be very effective when it comes to enhancing the reproductive system. This is very efficient because even the ancient Chinese made use of it also for treating the reproductive system of women which are caused by the irregularity of hormones. Aside from aiding the proper blood production right after the menstruation, it also functions in stimulating hormone production which normalizes the menstrual cycle.

If you think that licorice is only designed to reveal the skin’s youthful glow, think again. It contains isoflavonoids and flavonoids which help in regulating the balance of progesterone and estrogen. In addition, it also improves the hormonal secretion which causes the absence of your period.

In order for you to have a normal menstrual cycle, you need to acknowledge the healing properties of astralagus which contains polysaccharides and isoflavones. So, make it a point to use this in your meal.
Another home-made natural remedy which you can get in your kitchen is the ginger which increases the blood flow. It also offers properties that help women reset their ovulation. So, always take time to include this in your diet for you to experience a normal menstrual cycle.

If you are just ignoring chastetree berry before, you no longer need to do the same today because it has the capability to bring your menstruation back by simply balancing all your hormones in the body.

Red clover is also a very helpful herb in providing you a normal menstrual cycle because it balances the progesterone and estrogen levels in your body.

See? There are several women-friendly herbs that will always take good care of your reproductive health.

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