Pulmonary Fibrosis Natural Treatment

Natural Treatment for Pulmonary Fibrosis

Posted on 5/13/2011 10:51:47 PM

Pulmonary Fibrosis means that there is scarring on specific part of the lungs. Because of this, the scarred portion of this organ will not function anymore. However, it can still be reversed by means of pulmonary fibrosis natural treatments.

Pulmonary Fibrosis is one of the conditions that need urgent attention. When this is overlooked, it may lead to other serious pulmonary or system complications. What is worse is that the life of the person with this condition may be put in danger.


Natural serrepeptase is found effective in fighting and reversing the scarring present in the case of pulmonary fibrosis. This is a natural enzyme that does not predispose the patient to overdosing. What happens when this is ingested is that the mucous of a patient with pulmonary fibrosis is thinned. As a result, there is an apparent improvement with the overall breathing condition of the person. Aside from that, the thin mucous is easier to expel than the thick ones. This natural enzyme is also proven to reduce the lung inflammation associated by the disease. Moreover, the immune system of the person affected will be enhanced when he ingested this natural enzyme.

Colloidal Silver

Pulmonary fibrosis is sometimes caused by opportunistic microorganisms. This means that the main cause of the condition is because of the process of infection. To reverse or to stop the presence of infection in patients with this respiratory disease, colloidal silver must be utilized. This natural treatment for this condition has germ killing properties. This means that the present fungus, bugs or viruses that are present in the lung of the patient with this condition will be killed. There are some normal flora or microorganisms present in the lungs of a person. However, colloidal silver kills only the harmful ones.

Organic Silicon

When there is a presence of pulmonary fibrosis, there is damage in the collagen of the affected individual. The Organic Silicon as part of the natural treatment for this condition has the capacity to regenerate or to repair damaged collagens. Particularly, the collagens in the lungs lining will be repaired. Aside from that, this is also effective in removing toxins trapped in the alveoli of the respiratory system. Therefore, this is also a potent detoxifying agent. The damaged blood vessels in the lungs can also be repaired with the aid of this natural remedy.

Vitamin C Rich Foods

Ingestion of foods rich in Vitamin C is also a natural treatment for pulmonary fibrosis. In this type of lung disease, there is decline in the ability of the system to fight the infection present. In order to increase the production of white blood cells or the component of the blood that fights infection, ingestion of high Vitamin C rich foods are vital. The ascorbic acid from the foods that you eat is helpful on the maturation of potent leukocytes. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C are oranges, grapes, berries, lemons and other fruits that belong to the citrus family.

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