Reasons for Dark Circles under Eyes

What are the Reasons for Dark Circles under Eyes

There are several reasons for dark circles under eyes. Hereditary, inadequate sleep and natural aging process are some of the possible reasons. However, there are also plenty of options to clear out the dark circles under eyes.

There are many reasons that cause dark circle under eyes. This makes a person looks older than the actual age. Many people believed that inadequate sleep is the main culprit of the dark circle but the truth is that there are other reasons. Obviously, if having dark circles under the eyes is running in the family then the reason is due to heredity. Likewise, atomic dermatitis and allergies are other reasons associated to the condition as well as alcohol and smoking.

Other Reasons That Cause Dark Circles Under Eyes

  • Allergies – allergies can make the under of your eyes having dark circles. This is due to the allergic reaction and bruises made when you rub your eyes due to allergies. In this sense, you should understand that rubbing and scratching would darken the skin especially the delicate part of the skin. That is why you should be very careful and gentle when there is allergy under your eyes.
  • Inadequate rest and fatigue – Inadequate rest would make the dark circles worsen. This is because fatigue can make your skin looks paler allowing the dark pigmentation to be more visible.
  • Inadequate nutrition – Eating unbalanced and unhealthy diet is another reason for dark circles under eyes. That is why you should eat nutritious foods so that your skin will look fresh and younger.

Reducing Dark Circles

Knowing the reasons in getting dark circles gives you the opportunity to avoid the culprits of the situation. The next thing to do is to know how to reduce the dark circles so that you will look younger and fresher. Obviously, we cannot avoid the aging process. Yet, there are ways to delay the process yet reduce the possibility of getting dark circles. Keep in mind that fine lines under the eyes are the first signs of aging. That is why it is important to give proper care to the skin especially under the eyes. As much as possible, you should avoid using cosmetics that would harm your skin. You can use natural tested remedies of reducing dark circles by placing slices of cold cucumber under the eye. Moreover, getting enough sleep within 8 hours would spare you from getting dark circles under eyes.

Take Professional Advice

Obtaining professional advice is the best way to get rid of the dark circles under eyes. Never try any treatment unless recommended by a skin-care specialist. Otherwise, it would only aggravate the condition. Keep in mind that dark circles make you look sick, tired, aging and ugly. Definitely, you would not want to look this way thus you should search online for some actions to take.

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