Rehab Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Rehab alcohol addiction treatments are becoming more and more important with the increase of alcohol dependency amongst the people. These centres are working together to make an alcoholic realise the harmful effects of alcohol by educating him, they provide training as to how to get rid of alcohol and move towards an alcohol free life.

The disease of alcoholism at present affects millions of people around the world. In such a scenario, alcohol rehabilitation centres have become a pressing need for the society if we want to end the disease completely.

Most often people who themselves want to stop drinking take recourse in such centres. Sometimes the alcoholic’s family takes him there when the situation has gone almost out of control. Thankfully the success stories of such centres have been many as they have helped multitude of people to recover and once again lead a normal life.

The alcohol rehabilitation centres may take up different forms depending upon the need; these include direct medical treatment, inpatient rehabilitation, counselling sessions, group therapy and the like. The central idea amongst all is to help an alcoholic move towards total abstinence.

Rehabilitation centres mode of work- In most of the rehab centres the patient has to reside for a predetermined period which may range from a few moths to a few years as well. On their admission alone they have to sign a contract stating that they will not drink. Most of the rehab centres work on a zero tolerance policy that implies- no alcohol at any time by any alcoholic. If they disobey they may be shown the door.

Initially the program may begin with the detox treatment where the prime aim is removal of alcohol from the body. In this the doctors resort to medication in order to clean the body internally.

Strategies involved in rehab alcohol addiction treatment- During the stay, the patient is made to actively participate in group therapy meetings, individual counselling sessions. The aim is to educate the alcoholic the harmful effects of alcohol and how to lead a life without such drugs. New techniques are taught which can help in leaving this habit. Sometimes in group sessions, many other alcoholics are made to share their own life stories- how they too are going from the same phase of life as the other.

Alcohol rehabilitation centres understand the importance of family in the treatment program and may thereby include them as well. They are told how to identify an alcoholics strength, how to encourage him in the recovery process.
It needs to be remembered that the length of time a patient spends at the rehab centres depends on a number of factors like how much alcohol he has consumed, the time frame from which he has been consuming alcohol, the frequency with which he has been using alcohol. Apart from that the motivation of the individual also matters a lot. No rehabilitation centre can bring about a change unless the person concerned himself makes a positive move.

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