Remedies for Chilblains

Natural Treatment for Chilblains

Smoking, bad habits of eating improper foods, and drinking excessive liquors are the things which are triggering chilblains. Chilblain, for the basic information of everybody, is the disease of having dry, cracked and wounded skin. Changing one’s lifestyle is the best of all remedies for chilblains.

Chilblains and Its Origin

Before considering the chilblains cure, it is imperative that we should know the meaning of such a disease. Having that condition of dryness, itchiness as well as cracking of your skin constitutes chilblains. It usually occurs during winter seasons and subsides during summer. What triggers chilblains is the continuous improper diet and lifestyle of one person. Its severity is easily overcome by changing one’s lifestyle. Diet is the primordial concern of eliminating this ailment. It is very much hateful to know that there are people who suffer chilblains by the extremities of the hands and feet. Because of this, their day-to-day work is being affected, tending their everyday to become such a flop. Having poor diet as the first cause of chilblains, the solution here is to change the diet that you used to have. The reason behind this is that because of foods which are not that nutritious eaten daily by a hungry person, this can be considered as an indicator of such a skin disease.

Lifestyle change

The first and only cure among the remedies for chilblains is change of lifestyle. It would mean to include adjusting your diet from a not-so-healthy one to something which is high health conscious. If you develop chilblains, that would only mean that you have deficiency when it comes to calcium content in your body. What you ought to do is eat foods which are rich in calcium as well as green leafy vegetables. Grains also may be considered as great in your diet. The next food that is actually good for your ailment is the combination of almonds, sesame seeds as well as oats. If you only let Vitamin E as well as Vitamin K to enter into your body, you will surely have your chilblains cured in as early as few weeks. Taking it for a period of 1 month in a consecutive day-to-day basis will actually be best for you.

Keeping the Extremities Warm

What triggers chilblains is the cold weather during the winter season. So, what you need to do is make the part of your body which is being attacked warm always. Make it a habit even during the cold season. If you are sleeping where most of the time it is cold, or while you are away where most of the time it is windy, you must always wear gloves or socks. It is very much useful during the times that snow is falling down from the skies. But even if the time is so cold and everywhere is windy, you must not use it as a reason in order to hit one stick of cigarette

Stop Cigarette Habit

Poor circulation of the blood is the main reason why chilblains sprout in your body. Smoking which can very much cause the same ailment must be cut. It must be coupled with stopping your habit of drinking liquor. If you have to cut it as soon as possible, it can already be near to success. How to stop smoking begins with substituting cigarette into candy. So, if you are always hitting one stick every after meal, then eat candy in lieu of it.

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