Remedies for Hip Pain

Natural Remedies for Hip Pain

Your hip is one of the most vital parts in your body that provides protection and support to your internal organs. Once you are suffering pain in this particular part, it is not only the sensation that is a problem but also the internal condition of your body. Yet, there are available remedies for hip pain.

Sometimes, medication regimen is not the sole solution to erase the pain that you feel whenever your hip is affected. Aside from the medication means, there are also other available remedies for hip pain.

How Hip Pain Happens

Injuries like dislocation of the hip happen when the thigh bone has altered continuity and it is no longer connected to the bone in the hip. Because of this, the muscles that are located near the hip becomes strained. Apart from that, there is also inflammation or swelling that may happen. When this is present, there is compression of the nerve endings of your muscles. When the nerve endings are compressed, pain is apparently felt by the affected person. In this, you will need to apply some remedies that will keep you free from experiencing pain.

Ice and Heat Application

Whenever there is hip pain, the initial thing that you need to do is to apply cold and hot temperature to it. Right after the accident, ice must be applied first. This is done in order to lessen the rate of inflammation process. In putting cold temperature to the affected part, you are able to constrict the nerve vessels. Thus, there will be no passage of excess fluid that causes inflammation. After two days have passed, you follow now the heat treatment. This is done in order to provide adequate supply of blood to the area affected. Heat causes dilation of vessels.


After few days have passed by, you now have to perform less intense exercises. This is important because in exercising, you are basically keeping the flexibility as well as the strength of your muscles. In addition to that, this also helps in reducing the pressure to your hips. Moreover, exercising also aids in the rehabilitation of the hip. A very good example of this low intensity exercise is yoga. In here, your muscles are not only strengthened but also being relaxed at the same time. When a muscle is relaxed, there is a great chance to have a good blood flow essential for cell regeneration.

Meds and Rest

By the time that you have experienced injury in your hip, the last resort will be medication regimen. Even if there is no visual inflammation that is present, still, there may be internal swelling or inflammation. The ideal medication that you need to take is either acetaminophen or ibuprofen. It is also important to take some rest while you are experiencing pain. Give your hip a chance to regain its strength and to construct the tissues that are damaged.

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