Rosacea Herbal Treatment

Natural Treatment of Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects most women especially in North America. This skin condition usually affects the eyes and other parts of the face. To prevent aggravation of the skin condition it is important to know the effective rosacea herbal treatment.

Rosacea can commonly affects menopausal women than men. This skin problem usually occurs in fair skin people but is also possible to affect any skin color. Definitely, before jumping to the treatment of rosacea it is important to know first the condition. It is associated with several symptoms that include redness, flushing, burning and swelling of the skin. This is due to the dilation of the blood vessels beneath the skin that would result to occurrence of postules and papules on the skin. In most cases, rosacea can cause eye inflammation.

Although doctors do not assessed the exact cause of the skin condition but researchers believe that is caused by easily dilation of the blood vessels that results to redness and flushing. In like manner, theory also implicates that it is also caused by indigestion when the hydrochloric acid is low. On the other hand, the factors that are apparent to one person may vary to another person. That is why the best thing to do is to prevent and avoid factor that might aggravate rosacea. However, if you are already infected by rosacea all you have to do is to deal with it and follow the rosacea herbal treatment available in that is guaranteed effective.

  • Chrysanthellum Indicum Cream

The cream contains chrysanthellum indicum extract that is effective in treating rosacea. The compounds strengthen the capillaries and eventually alleviate the facial redness and other rosacea symptoms. However, you should be careful in using it as it shows mild adverse reactions.

  • Green Tea Cream

According to dermatological study green tea cream can help rosacea patients. The green tea cream reduces the number of pustules and red bumps as compared on applying placebo cream.

  • Niacinamide Cream

Since rosacea is a skin problem it is recommended to use vitamin B3 niacinamide to improve the moisture level of the skin and reduce the skin barriers. Aside from the topical niacinamide you can also take niacinamide orally.

  • Licorice

Another natural treatment that you can use for rosacea is licorice. You can use the topical skin regimen of licorice to reduce the facial redness.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an effective home remedy for this skin condition. Aside from normalizing the bacterial balance it also stimulates the digestive enzymes. However, before using apple cider vinegar you should first consult your health provider.

If you consider using herbal treatments you should be very careful because some of those herbal treatments might irritate your skin. Nevertheless, you can also expect for positive results of the herbs not only in treating rosacea but also improving the skin tone.

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