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There are women’s diseases that are caused by sexually transmitted disease: one of the bacterial infections that can contaminate the fallopian tube is called Salpingitis.

It may go unnoticed for some, as the symptoms is just as the same when you are on your menstrual period such as abdominal pain, fever, hurtful back pain and period. In between periods you will experience spotting, foul vaginal discharge, vomiting, pain during intercourse, tiredness or fatigue and recurrent urination.

Salpingitis is one of the common causes of infertility as the fallopian tube is being block that is why ovulation is not performed as the sperm is being blocked.

There are several options to that can be done to treat Salpingitis: through the food we eat, herbal medicines and food supplements.

It is recommended for people who have been diagnose of Salpingitis to have a complete rest, lessen the day by day activity to achieve complete recovery, refraining from sexual intercourse for the time being while medication is being done as both of you needs to be treated, since it is a sexually transmitted disease, until such time that the bacterial infection is eliminated. It is also important to keep a healthy dietary plan; it means that more fruits and vegetables need to be consumed to keep the body well and able to strengthen its immune system. A dosage of Vitamin C will help fight bacterial infection, including essential nutrients that boost up strength.

Another remedy that can be done to lessen the swelling of the fallopian tube is the help of hot compress, pour an amount of castor oil apply it on the area that is affected and place a hot towel upon it for about half an hour, do this routine daily especially at times that you are in pain, it helps lessen the ache.

Women are needs to be aware of her well being especially when it comes to sexually transmitted disease, Salpingitis may be a minor case but if this is not treated immediately it may lead to serious condition.

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