Sciatica Acupuncture Treatment

Treating Sciatica through Acupuncture

Treating sciatica through acupuncture is being followed the world over as it has shown some effective results and the patients too have found relief. In this some of the strategic points of the body are focused and needled depending upon the pain. Sciatica acupuncture treatment also involves eating some of the herbal medicines and exercises.

Sciatica pain is considered to be one of the most unbearable kind of pains which you might suffer from. There are a large number of medications which are available for its treatment but still exercises are considered to be the most effective way of getting treated as they are known to reduce the pain.

Treating Sciatica Through Acupuncture

In the similar manner, acupuncture over the years too has been found to be very effective in the treatment of Sciatica. A large number of patients nowadays are resorting to acupuncture to get relief from the pain and most of them have indeed found the desired relief. Acupuncture is a Chinese method of treating of the diseases in which pressure is put on some of the acupoints which are present on the body.

As per the science of acupuncture, the sciatica pain occurs when there is interruption in the smooth flow of blood to the body and if there is pain in the sciatica muscle or near it. Once diagnosed, the acupuncturist will insert thin needles into the acupoints which will then help you get relief from the pain. Sometimes herbal medicines are also prescribed along with acupuncture.

You will not get the desired in just one or more sitting, rather it might take a little longer, but basically it depends upon how chronic your situation is. Sometimes the patient gets relief in just one sitting as well.

Acupuncture and Sciatica

In acupuncture the points on the opposite side of the pain are needled. The point called linggu is needled first and the next to be needled is Dabai. These points have the benefit of regulating the flow of blood to qi as well as blood. Once these points are focussed upon the next step is to treat the leg pain as sometimes there are certain parts of the leg too which seem to be affected by the sciatic pain. Various points on different parts of the body are needled like S13, S14, SJ5, SJ6, LV3. These will be focused depending upon the pain.

Basically Sciatica is known to get reduced after a certain period of time. Thus, acupuncture is considered to be all the more good. It is known to heal the pain to a larger extent and till now good results have been shown. You have to take into consideration your diet as well. Along with this exercises and herbal medicines too shouldn’t be ignored by you.

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