Sex Life of Women Aged 40

Tips on Better Sex Life after Forty

Sex life of older women is often viewed in doubt. The causes being sought for them and their male counterparts are based upon self-claimed presumptions. Even women feel that their age has disadvantageous aspect because attraction fades with the growing age. It is often presumed that their being sexiness is no more crucial. But this is not the case. Women can maintain active sex life even after crossing 40.

Out of the many factors involved, false presumptions that elder women can’t lead happy sex life is conservative belief about sex after certain age and men’s dominant attitude for younger women.

The big question haunts whether growing age increases the risk of sexual dysfunction in women. Sexual problems arise in men with erectile dysfunction when they grow older. But this is entirely opposite with older women who can have lack of interest in sex. Major factors involved are inability to experience orgasm, pain in intercourse, lack of sexual pleasure and lubrication difficulties amongst others.

Turning Young At 40: An interestng revealation is that women enjoy better sex in their forties unlike they had in young age. This happens due to various known reasons out of which role of their body are cruel at certain age. Although the celebration of youthful sexuality is not maintained at that age but the confidence they gain turn them mature enough to enjoy unique sexual experience at that age.

Most 40-plus women have better emotional appeal and enjoy mature sexual life. They can even go for plastic surgeries to counter with their younger counterparts by maintaining youthfulness while also having their sexual maturity. This way they enjoy sex in more planned manner.

The Attitude: How much confirmist older women can be unlike young girls? Mature women explore everyrthing including their sex life and the choice of clothes by involving their mind as well as heart. Such phenomenon may not be there in the case of young girls. Attitude plays crucial role in sexual life of forty-something woman. Interestingly the quality of sexual life changes drastically in grown up women.

The Immortal Desire: Both improvement in sex life and increase of a sexual desire is a common phenomenon in women turning forty. These years are actually the golden periods for women wanting more sex unlike they could wish in their youth due to various apprehension they might encounter. Women reach to that particualr age when they are already well aware of sex and are experienced enough to apply best techniques for getting complete satisfaction which they would like to explore in bed. They hardly get afraid to initiate sex in that age unlike younger women. Menopause hormonal profile equally boosts sexual drive in them.

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