Short Term Effects of Diabetes

What are the Short Term Effects of Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the commonest diseases nowadays. Research findings have evidenced that four out of the five diabetic patients are type 2 diabetes suffers. This disease attacks people of all age group. Many short term effects are also there which should be well understood for timely recovery. Diabetes takes one in the grip and gradually become severe after certain time period. Medication has great impact on such short term effects.

It is true that all types of diabetes have long term impact on one’s health that damages it when disease takes one into its grip. Timely cure and alertness prove worthy for one in such cases. The process begins with treating short term effects in the very initial stage. Diabetic patients face symptoms of feeling unusual hunger even though they eat sufficiently. This short term effect of diabetes indicates that diabetes has been damaging the metabolism of body.

When patients experience weight loss even after taking adequate diet it should be well understood that this disease has already made room in the body that seeks medical attention. Such short term effects happen due to inability of diabetic patient’s body to use adequate glucose. With increased hunger one’s body fails to perform the duty as per the need and the organs particularly muscles fail to utilise sufficient energy.

Vulnerability to Diabetes: Though older people are at the greater risk of diabetes, especially type 2, obese and individuals with a family history of diabetes and women with gestational diabetes besides physically inactive people are more vulnerable. The process starts with short term effects that become long term later on – at times incurable too. Feeling irritation, blurred vision and increased blood sugar level are commonest types of short term effects.

Besides above mentioned symptoms one also faces slow healing of sores and repeated infections become common phenomenon in such cases. Decreased ability to resist infections particularly injuries and cuts which can’t be healed easily. The list of short term symptoms doesn’t end here. Darkened skin in the creases of body becomes common phenomenon. One witnesses dark patches on body. Velvet-like sin in folds and creases around neck or armpits are worsening symptoms.

Other Susceptible Diseases: Diabetes invites many other diseases. Short term symptoms don’t take much time to turn into long term. They cause serious casualties which may even make one disable. Fatal symptoms of diabetes invite heart disease and acute problem in blood vessels. There are many other risks involved with diabetes. Developing problem with cardiovascular system especially occurrence of coronary artery disease such as stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis begins in the form of short term effect.

Treatments: Overall change in lifestyle prevents both short and long term effects. Experts opine that reasonable change in dietary habit. They advise the use of pills or injections to treat diabetes which still doesn’t have complete cure but one living with it must follow a scheduled lifestyle.

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