Shoulder Pain after Surgery

Shoulder Pain after Surgery: Is it Normal?

Do you suffer from a mystery shoulder pain after surgery? Are you wondering whether itís normal or a danger sign of something else?

Any type of bodily pain can be really debilitating and if it involves the hands and feet then the discomfort is trebled.

But what if you had a surgery done recently on your body, and now youíve developed a persistent shoulder pain after surgery. Is this normal or is there a hidden danger signal you are unaware of?

The main reason for shoulder pains after surgery is due to the surgical cutting of sensory nerves during the surgical procedures. Sensory nerves are responsible for carrying sensations and they do grow back after surgery. Motor nerves or the nerves which co-ordinate muscle movement, are usually not involved by the surgery. As a result muscles are ready to do work after surgery, but the pain and swelling which results after surgery will severely restrict movement for a few days. A few things you can do to soothe your shoulder pain after surgery are mentioned below. But please do be aware that if the problem persists you will have to consult a good neurosurgeon or a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Any surgery on the shoulder will cause pain for a few days to a few months after surgery. You may also experience lack of feeling, aches and pains, as well as severe weakness on the side of the surgical areas. Your hand, arms, and shoulder following any major surgery like mastectomy, rotator cuff surgeries, or auxiliary dissection will cause severe shoulder pain after surgery. But regular exercise and consultations with an orthopedist are always good.
  • One common reason for developing shoulder pain after surgery is due to over work. If the pain is tolerable then use common over the counter creams and pills to control the pain. You can also try a pendulum exercise by which you rest your good hand on a flat area to support your body and lean forward. Make sure the painful hand is swinging forward and down the rotate it gently backwards and forwards like a pendulum. Avoid any movement which is painful and reduce the strain on your painful arm by relaxing it for a few days. If the pain persists for more than a few days get in touch with a doctor immediately.
  • Having regular consultations with a physiotherapist to treat your shoulder pain after surgery is good too. But combine it with an X-ray to check the joint on the inside too. If the pain is really severe, patients can opt for shoulder joint removal and replacement. The procedure is 90% successful but can be done only as a last resort.
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Name: larry

it has been 9 wks since my shoulder surgery. I had a spur ground off my shoulder and a portion of the laburim cut out. I have never had a minutes peace from pain befor and up to now. Is this thing ever going to heal ? Ice pac's, pills nothing relieves the costant pain, my system is so stressed out all the time. What do you think ?

Name: Nancy

I had shoulder and elbow surgery, along with carpal tunnel and cubital surgery over the past few year. I still have debilitating pain in my right shoulder and very little use and muscle weakness in my right arm. Nothing seems to help so its time to make a dr. appt. I take Celebrex, Neurontin and Ultram each day to get by. Praying you will find the right "medical cocktkail" to make you feel better. Try some lite meditation and deep breathing to help your stress.

Name: Miguel Salas

I had surgery over a yr 1/2 ago. have done Physical therapy seen a pain specialist had medications given, and injections. Nothing seems to work. What are other options that I might not have been told. Very few time I'm in pain but when I get more active then I'm in pain and can't sleep. I really don't want meds. When i say more active I mean house course try and do something normal clean a counter top wash dishes. make pancakes for the family. I've been up for about 4hrs trying to sleep all because we went to the beach yesterday and help load and unload the car. Didn't go swimming because that can and might be a problem. All this happen because of my ex-job tore the rotator cuff. I'm under workman's comp. Is that maybe why I am not getting more options on solving the problem? Please help..

Name: michelle stoner

I had s/p scope sad, dce and rcr to my right shoulder in Jan. and still have pressure in my shoulder and bicep @ times the paper weight as I call it feels like 200pds @ times. Also I only get a 90 degree lift when I go higher my thumb goes numb. My Dr. don't know what to do for me so he stopped sending me to PT. and send me back to work with no lifting. I like to know whats wrong with my shoulder & bicep?

Name: Raymond Noto

I had shoulder surgery July 3 2012.Oct 3 will be 3 months i still have throbbing sharp intense pain. when i go to pt i tell them its hard to stretch or move in a lot of pain. Even when i am not using it at home i can be sitting watching TV it throbs with pain if i move it it still hurts. Is this normal or is there a problem with the surgery. I have been very careful with its instructions for recovery. I have done what the doctor said also pt. should i get a second opinion. Or am i over reacting. Aug 29 the doctor said the ex rays look good. Thanking u in advance for your opinion.

Name: Greg

I had shoulder surgery bout 3 months ago some spurs an labrum cut I'm in worse pain than I was befor I had the surgery dr says it could b my neck had MRI done on neck about a week ago now just waitin on results if nothin found what else is there to do. When I use it for any amount of time it starts to get hot throbbin sharp pains my shoulder blades get soar I'm just really frustrated an dnt feel I should b in pain. Please help

Name: Nikki Madren

I had shoulder surgery almost 2 weeks ago. I broke 8 bones in my shoulder. I have to take about 15-20mgs of percocet every 4hrs to tolerate the pain. I'm also using ice packs n taking 800mgs of ibuprophen every 8hrs. I fell on the ice yesterday walking to the store so I'm even more soar. My doctors say I shouldnt be in this much pain but I am. My shoulder throbs all day long. The meds definitely help. What do you suggest ?

Name: janae linder

I know how that is, I've torn my labrum twice in the past yr. I'm still in constant pain. My dr keeps saying that there's nothing wrong.

Name: paul french

I had key hole surgery about seven weeks ago for a S.L.A.P lesion on my right shoulder. The pain did seem to ease slightly after I started physio therapy but is now getting worse. I am really struggling with sleep as the pain is getting quite bad. As a standard could you possibly tell me how long the recovery process is and is the pain anything I should be concerned about?

Name: Matt Tis...

I've had 3 surgeries done on my right shoulder(labrum, biceps and reverse HAGL). I just recently had another MRI done that didnt show anything but the pain is still awful! I am getting migraines, shooting pains down my arm, I can't sleep but yet the Dr says, structurally there is nothing wrong? My last surgery was over a year ago!!! I've been to PT along with other treatments...

Name: susan hovanec

it's been 4 months today that I had rotator cuff surgery partial tear and bicep tendosis partial tear surgery. Having issues with therapy and pain plus issues at work with pain and trying to get it all under control. Is this all normal and what else can be done?

Name: Roy Pottas

I had a total shoulder replacement six weeks ago, going for physio every week, still I am suffering from pain on left side of my arm from the shoulder to the elbow and in the joint it self. I am on pain medicine with no relieve at all. Is it normal or is there something wrong, I must make use of sleeping tablets at night time.

Name: Harry Randell

I had arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder 5 weeks ago. I had Spurs removed and the surgeon cut into my bone. I am doing well in therapy. I can raise my arm straight up but the pain is intense especially at night. Is this normal? I have to have surgery on the left shoulder now.

Name: Linda Shaffer

I have been dealing with this since 2006 when I had an on the job accident in which I tore my L rotator cuff. 3 surgeries later and I am still in pain and it keeps tearing, even though I am careful what I do, or lift. I can't take the pain and fear after surgery in may I feel like it may be torn again, and I am still in P.T. twice a week. What can I do now it doesn't seem to want to hold together and I can not handle the pain constantly

Name: makhosazana kweyama

hi I had an op 8 months ago due to lumbrum tear rotator cuff and bone spur did every to recover but failed took mri a month ago which showed torn lumbrum swollen join with something liquid had to be re operated dr told me to use my arm its been 2 days will I ever gain my full movement or just try to manage with existing movement

Name: Barbara Mulvaney

had rotator cuff surgery four and 1/2 months ago and my upper arm is so painful it is virtually useless. It feels as though there is a band around the top of my bicep and it snaps and pops often causing excruciating pain. Dr. tried cortisone it did nothing. what could be going on?

Name: Mark Bryant

Two surgeries on my left shoulder, 1st one on August 31st for Rotator Cuff repair follow a work injury, 2nd surgery on January 5th of this year to remove bone fragments. Pt followed both surgeries, back to work at the end of March 2018. Still have problems with severe pain and movement of left shoulder, considerable impairment shown in impairment rating. Off work again due to severe pain in shoulder. Why isnít the pain decreasing ? Canít sleep well, slows me down at work. What could still be going on in the shoulder ?


Can anyone explain to me why I had a nerve block for shoulder surgery 6days ago and have not felt one but if pain except my thumb is numb everything I have read and everyone I have talked to told me there pain was so bad after the block wore off can it b it hasn't worn off please someone tell me what's going on

Name: K Trice

I had shoulder surgery approx 8 weeks ago for Bicep Tendeonsis and bone spur removed with partial rotator cuff tear. I suddenly developed a sharp intense pain in front of my shoulder that at times throbs and comes and goes. Could this being a tear to the tendon where he attached it with hardware, an infection, or normal healing process.

Name: nick

Had orthoscopic shoulder repair and bone spur fixed.its been 9 weeks and still painful but am getting more sleep now.i take pt 3 times a week. Yes it's painful but I'm gettingoreovememt and that helps with the pain. You have to do your exercises and put or it will never get better. You have to push through the pain or it just stays painful from stiffening up. I've had many injuries and this one is the toughest. Don't overwork it but do pt and exercise through out the day. Atleast 4 times a patient,be persistent.

Name: Charlene Mathewson

I had a small rotator tear and by sept cut. It's been 5 months since that day and my arm is still painful. I'm still working and see the specialist in august. My arm is weaker, and some muscle spasms happen with crunching when I move in a normal way. I feel like a broken record. I'mWhat has happened. sure my husband is getting tired of hearing it still hurts.

Name: C D

pain in shoulder blade after rotator cuff surgery 9/1/2021, is this normal? I have not been to therapy yet. Therapy scheduled for 9/30/21...

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