Side Effects of High Cholesterol

What are the Side Effects of High Cholesterol

Peculiarity of wax-like substance, famously named cholesterol in the medical terminology, is that its presence is necessary for maintaining balance of body. But once cholesterol is produced excessively side effects start showing affect. Cholesterol is helpful for body in hormone production and maintaining vitamin D but the moment its quantity increases it proves dangerous. Main organ getting affected through high cholesterol is bloodstream in body.

Both low-density and high-density cholesterol have direct impact on the human bodies. Cholesterol is necessary but its excessiveness may prove fatal for the overall growth of health. Before you understand major side effects of high cholesterol it is a must to know the reason that causes it. High cholesterol is produced excessively in the body when one takes fat rich diet. Other common factors are hereditary conditions, weight and age of individuals and doing no physical activity besides taking alcohol that causes excessive cholesterol.

Side Effects of High Cholesterol

Cholesterol shouldn’t be treated sportingly. Its side affects are too much detrimental for damaging health. Excessiveness of high cholesterol creates problematic situation for body. Most worsening side effect is blockage in the arteries. As plaques are formed in the arteries bodies literally cease to function particularly when the impact goes higher. Such is the situation when increased chance of heart attack becomes common. Other major side effects are increasing risk for strokes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and irregular heart rhythm etc.

Formation of plaque blocks the artery. It is the most problematic aspect. High cholesterol affects individuals through plaques. If the level is high its impact too will go up. The level of blockage in the artery through plaques due to high cholesterol remains major factor for a particular level of side effect. Worst side effects are in those situations when plaque blocks arteries completely.

Prevention and Cure of High Cholesterol

Worst side effects of high cholesterol can be controlled in the initial stage itself if you maintain regular exercising schedule. Always prefer fiber rich food that has adequate carbohydrate. Avoid fatty food and keep control over your weight to suppress worst effect of high cholesterol. As cholesterol becomes common now prevention is mandatory. Several medicines are sold for this purpose. Doctors often recommend conventional medicines to keep cholesterol under control.

Causal Diseases

High cholesterol affects heart and blood vessels. That is why you must take special care of your health and consult doctor immediately for perfect solution. Major side effects of high cholesterol increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases that are extremely painful. As blood vessels supplying oxygen to heart arrows down due to plaques formed through high cholesterol hence worst effects are often seen from it. The heart muscle damages and breathlessness become common phenomenon. Angina or chest pain is the worst impact of high cholesterol that can be prevented through taking early preventive measures.

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