Side Effects of Thyroid Problems

Thyroid Problems and the Side Effects

The thyroid gland which is a part of endocrine system is responsible for managing various function of the human body. Aside from helping the hormone production and sensitivity to be regulated, the thyroid is also in charge of production of proteins to be transformed into energy. However, if you have thyroid problems, it can cause an array of complication that can affect the overall health of the body.

Type of Thyroid Problems

The two common types of thyroid problems are hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. In case of hyperthyroidism, the glands turn out to be overactive or over production of hormones, which is not normal. Hypothyroidism is the opposite of hyperthyroidism it is a condition wherein the production of thyroid hormone decreases. These can cause by several factors like genetic or a result to major hormonal events like pregnancy

Sensitivity to Temperature

Temperature sensitivity is one of the typical side effects of thyroid problems. Thyroid gland manages the metabolism, which is the major source of energy of the body. If the function of this gland increases, the energy processing also increase, which can cause the temperature of the body to elevate. In case of slow production of thyroid hormone, it can lead for slow metabolism, which can cause them to have a feeling of coldness. Meaning people with hyperthyroidism sweats a lot while hypothyroidism feels cold.

Irregular Digestion

One of the main side effects of thyroid problems is irregular digestion. The rise of hormone secretion as well as protein production can speed the process of digestion in certain individuals who have hyperthyroidism, which makes them to have a recurrent diarrhea or bowel movement. In case of hypothyroidism they generally have a slow function of digestion. This may lead to bloating and constipation.

Sleeping Problems

As the activity of the thyroid gland increases, the person with hyperthyroidism may experience insomnia or decrease the need to sleep. The effect of increase in energy as well as hormones will make wired feeling, which is similar to strong caffeine high. Moreover, hypothyroidism can cause the body to hibernation mode. Meaning the person may need to sleep at least 12 – 16 hours each day. Sleeping problems can surely have a side effect on overall health because the amount of sleep that the body is not balanced anymore.

Weight Changes

As the result of hyperthyroidism, the body will have a speed metabolism and increased energy. The effect of this is unintentional weight loss. This is because of the increase in production of metabolism hormone the body cannot anymore use the protein to be stored in body as fats. In case of hypothyroidism, the body fails to have enough metabolisms and it can lead to weight gain and even obesity in some case.
According to WebMD, proper diagnosis and treatment for thyroid problems can correct the thyroid problems and cure its side effects.

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