Signs Of Insulin Resistance

Early Signs Of Insulin Resistance And Where These Might Lead To

There are signs and symptoms of insulin resistance that will serve as a warning to us. When we see one of these, we must do our part in looking for the treatments so that we would not be faced with its unlikely results.

Everything that we can find inside our body has its own function. When one of these things fails to do its work, it will surely cause trouble in our whole being. Among the many things that we can find in our body that, if it fails, we will certainly face a huge problem: that is the insulin. Our body needs insulin which is produced by the pancreas. When we speak of the insulin, its work is to make sure that the food that we eat will be converted to an energy that we use to be able to work. But, when the insulin starts to breakdown, it will certainly lead to insulin resistance. And when we have such kind of condition, then we must expect that we are in the verge of many diseases that will surely affect our life.

Signs and symptoms of insulin resistance

If we have insulin resistance, the signs as well as the symptoms might not be noticeable at first. Some of the common signs that are part of insulin resistance would include being drowsy especially every after meal. Other people might even be moody at times. We can even see people with insulin resistance that they have famished hunger specifically at times that they eat sugary snacks and also those foods that are rich in carbohydrates.

Apparently, one of the most obvious signs that a person has an insulin resistance is obesity. Since the there is the breakout of insulin in our body, there is also the buildup of glucose causing or body to accumulate fats rather than burning it to become energy.

Doing away with misconceptions

For the most part, many people think that diabetes and insulin resistance are just synonymous with each other. We must remember that these two are different from each other. But if you have insulin resistance, then you must treat this as a warning of your body that you might be leading to something dangerous.

Mimicking other ailments

The signs and symptoms that we can get in the condition of insulin resistance will surely be something that would lead to something serious. Once we see that signs and symptoms, we must take it seriously as insulin resistance might lead to something that we do not expect to happen. Some of the results of insulin if it is not treated at once are hunger pangs, dark patches in our skin, mood swings, fatigue and even the feared diabetes and heart conditions. And with that, we must look for the assistance of a physician for early treatment.

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