Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

Realizing Alcoholism

Alcoholism has destroyed the lives of many and affected the lives of many more. It has been one of the prevailing problems in our society today. To determine if you or your loved one is an alcoholic, here are a few signs and symptoms of alcoholism to aid you in knowing an alcoholic when you see one.

A lot of literature and media have been used to convey the idea of alcoholism and undoubtedly many of us became aware of this phenomenon either through the movies or the news or the lives of the famous people that have been destroyed because of alcoholism.

Some schools may even have programs to make people aware of what alcoholism is and how it affects our lives. However, there are still those that do not really understand what alcoholism is and how one can tell if a person is an alcoholic. Here are a few signs and symptoms in finding out if one is an alcoholic.

What Are Not Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

Generally, there are three types of people that drink alcohol. These are: the social drinker, the alcohol abuser and the alcoholic. The social drinker probably consists of the majority of people that drink alcohol. As the term may suggest, they are those that drink alcohol during social events and who drinks it slowly and moderately. An alcohol abuser is one who takes in excessive amounts of alcohol but is aware that he is taking too much. It is a form of a self-destruction by the drinker and he still has the ability to stop whenever he wishes. The worst form of alcohol drinker and is known to some as alcohol dependence is the alcoholic. This is a person who has a serious drinking problem akin to drug addiction. Oftentimes, complete abstinence in drinking alcohol is the only real solution to alcoholism.

The Three Major Categories of the Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

Much information has been disseminated to help others in determining some of the signs and symptoms of alcoholism. The more common symptoms that are used by medical professionals in diagnosing alcoholism or alcohol dependency can be lumped into three categories: those that affect the drinker’s body, those that affect the drinker’s choices and those that affect the other things and relationships in the drinker’s life.

The symptoms that affect the drinker’s body include his body being accustomed to the alcohol or what is called tolerance which means that his body requires a higher dosage of alcohol each time to get the same desired effect. His body also would experience withdrawal symptoms when he does not drink alcohol. These withdrawal symptoms include sweating, nausea shakiness, and anxiety.

The symptoms that affect the drinker’s choices include his constant attempts to quit or to control the drinking which is followed by his constant failure to quit. This also includes the drinker taking in more alcohol than he originally intended.

The symptoms that affect other things in the drinker’s life include his constant effort to secure alcohol by going to bars and social events with alcohol and giving up some important events just to get his alcohol fix. This also includes not being able to stop drinking even after the drinker is aware that he has a drinking problem.

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