Signs and Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure

How to Identify Low Blood Pressure

blood pressure if left unchecked can prove fatal to the person. It is important that proper steps are taken to treat the signs and symptoms of low blood pressure.

But in order to do so it is essential to know how to identify low blood pressure. It is mainly associated with nausea, vomiting, dizziness.

Low blood pressure is also called as hypotension. In this the pressure is very low due to the low flow of blood through the arteries and veins. When the flow of blood is very low it affect the vital organs of the body like kidney, liver, brain, thus the organs may be damaged and may not be able to function properly. For example- if insufficient amount of oxygen flows to the brain, the brain cells will not be able to receive adequate amount of oxygen and thus the person may suffer from dizziness, lightheaded and may even faint.

Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure

The low blood pressure is symbolised by low flow of blood and not by a specific blood pressure number. Going from sitting or lying position to a standing position may bring out the symptoms of low blood pressure. If the blood pressure is low, and the person is standing then he may suffer from either light headedness or he may faint as well. The person may even suffer from chest pain or even a heart attack.

Other symptoms of low BP may include-blurred vision, rapid shallow breathing, clammy and cold skin, lack of concentration. There are a few people who may also suffer from Shy-Drager syndrome(neurological damage) which happens after eating a large meal. Some other factors also responsible may include- medication side effects, pregnancy, infections, severe blood loss, and anaemia.

The person may start feeling low from within as if a doom is about to occur, his skin may become pale accompanied by a change in mental status and anxiety. If any of the above mentioned symptoms occur it is important to consult a doctor since if these are left untreated the result may be heart attack, kidney failure or blockage of arteries or a serious problem in the nervous system.

Causes of Low Blood Pressure

There may be various causes of low blood pressure. These include dehydration- the person suffering from diarrhea, nausea and vomiting may have reduced amount of water in the body, thus the intake of fluids in the body declines and the person may start suffering from low BP. Apart from this, if the person does a lot of strenuous exercises, sweats a lot, suffer from heat stroke or exhaustion then also he may suffer from low BP. If left untreated the end result could be quite serious as the person may suffer from kidney failure, shock, acidosis.

Moderate amount of bleeding may also lower a person’s blood pressure. Bleeding may result from trauma, surgical operations, ulcers or tumours. Heart diseases are also responsible for causing low blood pressure.

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