Signs of OCD in Children

What Are the Signs of OCD in Children

It is very important to identify the signs of OCD in children in order to immediately utilize measures that will help curing the disorder. Obsessive compulsive disorder is very detrimental. This will affect the entire wellbeing of your kid later on when they have already reached adulthood.

Obsessive compulsive disorder is all about the disease involving the repetitive habits of your kids. There are signs of OCD in children that you must watch for. When these are present, then you may conclude that the disease is present in your child.

What is OCD?

When we say obsessive compulsive disorder, it refers to the anxiety disorder that has presence of intuitive thoughts. When these intuitive thoughts are not actualized, this causes the affected person to experience worry, fear, apprehension as well as uneasiness. They divert this feeling by means of doing repetitive acts. The main aim of these acts is to reduce the anxiety that is being felt. In most instances, the acts are combined compulsions and obsessions. Based from the census, obsessive compulsive disorder is the fourth most common disorder in mental category. There are certain signs and symptoms that you have to check if you suspect your kid to have this condition.

Inappropriate Thoughts

In the affected child, you will observe that he has disturbing as well as unpleasant thoughts present in his mind. These inappropriate thoughts are mainly sexual images that are inappropriate and there is also violent imagery. Even if the parents or the guardians of these kids with such manifestations do their best to stop these thoughts, still, it will happen in some other time. If these thoughts are present, it will surely lead to an increase in anxiety and stress felt by your kid.

Development of Habits and Rituals

Aside from the inappropriate thoughts, you will also observe that your kids are developing rituals or habits. This manifestation is actually the end result of the inappropriate thoughts that sank into the minds of the kid. The rituals and habits are the compulsions that serve as your kid's way of reducing the anxiety that he feels. Aside from that, these compulsions are also executed by your kid in order to direct your attention from the inappropriate thoughts that they have. The possessions that can be observed from your child may be:

  • Constant checking of the door locks, possessions and windows
  • Constant hand washing
  • Constant counting

Covert Signs

Other signs of obsessive compulsive disorder in kids are merely non-noticeable. Particularly, these signs are also called as covert compulsions. This is present in almost sixty percent of the affected kids of OCD. Mainly, your kids here will do mental rituals. When mental rituals are present, you will observe that your kid has alterations in terms of his societal roles and responsibilities. They are sometimes aloof and withdrawn from the other age groups. Aside from that, these kids are also unresponsive when you acknowledge them. Playing alone is also associated with the presence of covert signs.

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