Skin Care Tips for Women

How to Take care of Skin

What are the ways to take care of your skin? What are the types of skin? What are the different protections you can use for your skin?

Are you wondering why all the beauty products you are using for your skin does not have an effect your skin? You have tried every cleansing product but nothing has changed, it only means that you are not using the appropriate product for your type of skin, it is very important for you to first know your skin type is.

There are at least five types of skin: normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and a combination of either of the two skin type.

It is best that you have that you practice cleaning your skin in the most gentle method. A woman’s skin is one of the most fragile part of our body. You may try using soap, body cleansers and body scrubs that are gentle to the skin. Choose a suitable product. Do not rely on commercial advertisements that you see or hear but instead gather information from individual who tried using the product. Not all product that is suitable for someone you know, may also be appropriate for your type of skin.

One of the reasons why women age faster is because of severe smoking and drinking not to mention over usage of beauty products such as makeup. Many women may think that putting on make up makes them more attractive, yes it is true but all beauty products that you use for your face or body has a side effect. It may not reflect immediately but once you age older it will.

Our lifestyle also affects our skin what we eat, drink, our daily routine and habits. It is very essential to protect our skin from harmful elements. If you are always on the go, most of your time is spend on outdoor activities; it is advised that you provide yourself a protective sunscreen. You may choose to use umbrella or lotion that has protection against the sun.

Protecting your skin from pollution and dirt is also one way of taking care of your skin. Air pollution causes us to age fast and it is best to practice cleaning your face and have a warm bath once you return home after a few hours of rest or before going to bed.

The food we eat also has an effect on the skin. Every woman wants to be radiant and glowing outward. It is best to consume at least 3 liters of water each day. Make sure that you have a balance diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables instead of junk foods or carbonated drinks.

If you are encounter severe pimples especially on the facial part it is suggested that you fast a day or two and drink plenty of water. This is the most effective way of cleansing your inner part of the body and it will manifest outwardly on your skin.

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