Skin Diseases Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus Symptoms and Treatment

Lichen planus is a skin disease that lasts for months to years. There are several factors that cause the skin problem. That is why it is important to know the skin diseases in order to avoid the triggers.

One of the skin diseases that commonly affect many people is the lichen planus. Some of the factors that trigger the skin disease include genetics, stress, infections and weak immune system. Likewise, drugs and medications for heart disease, high blood pressure and arthritis can also cause lichen planus. Also, this skin problem can also be inherited that is more severe and protracted.
Facts about Lichen Planus

  • How lichen planus differs from other forms of rashes?

    The color of the rashes is the point of distinction between the lichen planus and other skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. Usually, the color of the rashes of lichen planus is lilac or violet.

  • Symptoms of lichen planus

    Intense itchiness is the common symptoms of lichen planus. However, the intensity varies from mild to severe depending on the condition of an individual. The onset of the skin disease starts gradually. The first attack usually lasts for months and recurs after some years. The first manifestation of symptoms is a 2 to 4 mm bumps with angular borders. Upon onset, the new bumps appear on the sites of skin injury as scratch. When the lesions persist, hyper pigmentation might develop.

  • Appearance of lichen planus

    The affected skin of lichen planus looks like with violet spots. The common areas that are affected by this skin disease include forearms, inner wrists, lower legs as well as lower part of the back. The occurrence of mucous membrane in lichen planus is common. This is possible when the skin disease affects the mouth.

  • Diagnosis of lichen planus

    This skin disease can be easily diagnosed even by simply looking at the rashes. However, for severe condition skin biopsy is conducted to confirm the diagnosis. Through the microscope diagnosis is employed immediately and the result is obtained fast. Likewise, distinguish the type of lichen planus is made easy through the skin biopsy.

  • Treatment for lichen planus

    In mild cases of lichen planus, the rashes can be treated by topical corticosteroid creams. You can also use corticosteroid injections for thick and itchy lesions. The itchiness can be reduced by taking antihistamines. On the other hand, for severe cases oral medications is prescribed by physicians. The longest duration of this skin disease is 4 years and there is the possibility to recur. You can find more information by researching online. All you have to do is to be aware of the symptoms and causes of the skin disease.

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